Overheard At A Gay Bar

Overheard At A Gay Bar

The current state of our world often leaves people surrounded by a feeling of melancholy and sadness. There has never been a more dire need for humor before than now. A sprinkle of laughter can sometimes make someone’s day a bit better. In the words of the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. 

For decades on end, comedy has been a ray of hope, an escape from the bleak reality. It may be an understatement to say that comedians play an important role in today’s world. Some might even argue that comedians play the same role in today’s society that philosophers once did. When thinking of comedy the mind instantly wanders to industry giants like Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, or Jim Carrey for their universally adored stand-up shows and their sitcoms. But an often-overlooked medium of comedy is the online “meme culture ”. The meme community takes up the majority of Internet spaces with their zany, surreal, and somewhat ridiculous sense of humor.  Due to the popularization of multiple social media platforms since the 2010s many people have taken advantage of being able to have such a global reach by starting their own meme pages in hopes of making someone else’s day a bit better.

Peter Kesaris started the Instagram page “Overheard At A Gay Bar” in early 2017. The page gained notoriety for its LGBTQ+-centered humor. It is one of the only mainstream meme pages that solely revolve around gay culture. Perter Kesaris considers himself to be an optimist, he believes that it’s important to focus on the good side of things. Peter says that a bit of positivity can make your life do a full 180.  The only way we can overcome the hardships of this world is through laughter. Although things might never be perfect but it is important to focus on all the good that surrounds us.

Overheard at a gay bar has accumulated a cult following of over 121K in just a matter of four years. The page has gained an important status in pop culture due to the consistency of its content. With this Instagram page, Peter Kesaris has been able to make people all over the globe laugh. He has created an inclusive and supportive community that can make light of almost any situation.

Due to having accumulated such a massive and devoted following, Peter wanted his followers to be able to become more interactive with the community which is why In may 2020 the gay bar shop was launched.  But Peter wanted to be able to give back to the community that had given him such a global platform. This is why one dollar from every order from the gay bar shop is donated to The Trevor Project, which is a national crisis intervention service that is solely devoted to helping LGBTQ+ youth. This noble step taken by peter speaks volumes about the power of social media. In 2017 Overheard At A Gay Bar was just an Instagram meme page, now it is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community that is working towards helping the community out and creating a safer and more accepting world for LGBTQ+ youth.

Peter Kesari’s always loved making people laugh. He t firmly believes the best gift you could ever give to someone is making them laugh. Peter always advocates for people to be conscious of other people’s feelings. There’s no point in making someone else’s day worse. When Peter took on the noble cause of making people laugh, he didn’t know it would turn into such a huge success. But due to Peter’s dedication to his art, he has been able to achieve a special place in people’s hearts. If you’re in the market for a laugh or two make sure to visit Peter’s Instagram page @overheardatagaybar. Also, make sure to check out their online store thegaybarshop.com