Orie King (@orie_king)

Orie King (@orie_king)

Orie King is a promising young talent that is taking the music industry by storm. King describes her childhood to have been surrounded by music. She recounts music as being one of the most important parts of his life growing up. While facing the darkest periods of his life art and music is what kept Orie KIng going. Orie decided early on that she wanted to have an impact on other people’s life similar to what her musical idols had on her.

Orie King comes from a multicultural background. The french Nigerian artist loves to incorporate her cultures into her music. In a short period of time OrieKing has been able to create a buzz in the music industry, unlike anyone else. King believes in using her art to bring change into the world, which is why he makes sure to create music that not only sounds good but also attempts to do good for the world. Her distinct style and pronounced music are what has helped this emerging singer attract and fascinate audiences all around the globe right from the beginning of her career. Her extraordinary talents have allowed Orie to break through the brass ceiling and build a loyal and devoted fan base.

Her soothing melodies along with emotion-packed lyrics and outstandingly powerful delivery never fail to amaze her audience. The music Orie makes is hard to put in a box, her songs are a mixed bag of genres, with influences ranging from Afropop to RnB and hip hop. The dynamic and enigmatic Orie KIng is referred to by many as a superstar in the making. The music industry has never been as competitive before as it is today. It becomes very easy to get lost in the shuffle due to the oversaturation of artists that are looking to make it big on the internet. But for people as talented and motivated as King, it isn’t difficult to stand out from the rest of the crowd. She thrives in situations that would sweep an ordinary person off their feet. She has an amazing talent which allows her to paint a picture with her words. Her ability to articulate her thoughts and views into a three-minute song is truly extraordinary. Orie King continues to push the boundaries of her creative abilities to make so many different elements work together in a single coherent piece of music is undoubtedly impressive.

This artist’s exceptional talents have allowed her to garner a fairly large online following. With over 16 thousand followers on Instagram, there is no doubt in Orie King’s ability to captivate people. In just a small amount of time, Orie has accumulated a devoted following that keeps on increasing this feat speaks volumes about her talent and dedication. With her music now streaming on all major music streaming platforms, you can only expect her career to skyrocket towards superstardom from now onwards.

Even after achieving all these incredible accolades, Orie remains humble. She refuses to let fame change her. Orie credits her success to everyone that has supported her through the years. This sort of attitude is surely a rare sight in the pompous world of music.

Orie does not want to reduce the value of her songs to that of a money milking machine. She makes songs because music is a very powerful medium of expression, it can be used to change lives, which is where she derives his passion for music from. To Orie, No sum of money can equate to the feeling of fulfilment that comes from making a powerful and meaningful song. This passion for music sets Orie King apart from the rest of the crowd. You can hear her passion and emotion for music translate into her songs. You can keep up with KIng’s amazing career by following her Instagram @Orie_King. Also, make sure to check out her music on any major platform under the name Orie King.