Or Ben Uliel

Or Ben Uliel

Food has been one of those topics that have never failed to grasp everyone’s attention instantly. It has been the topic of debate and great interest for humans across cultures. People debate on why the food they prefer to eat is better than the one they don’t eat and this debate has been going on for years now. We have all heard of the phrase “good food is a good mood” and can relate to it with every ounce inside us. While main courses of the prominent places are discussed, one does not forget talking about their favorite dessert. When we eat too much of the same old food, our taste buds become used to it and begin to crave it less each passing day. However, what delights our taste buds is the intake of none other than freshly served desserts.

Or Ben Uliel is the right guy who has been satisfying sweet-tooth cravings over years now.  He is a well-known confectioner, with a fan following of 101k on Instagram alone. Since the beginning, he had been passionate about being a confectioner. Living in Tel Aviv, Israel, Ben went to Yitzhak Rabin High School, and then he studied Pastry and Baking at Tadmor. Being a celebrity chef Ben gained much popularity and used his influence to empower people in terms of a healthy diet too. According to Ben, life is too short and he insists everyone not miss out on his favourite meal course, that is, desserts. A wrong idea that has been circulating regarding desserts as them being unhealthy has made people think twice before opting for desserts. However, there exist desserts that are packed with nutrients that provide the important fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants to your diet such as dark chocolate or a pumpkin pie.

Or Ben is so devoted in his field that he pushed himself to try out new recipes to serve his fans. He is also on Facebook by the name Or Ben Uliel where he constantly tries engaging with his followers. He shares a very healthy recipe for Smudi Bowell calling it the trendiest healthy dessert. In the caption for that recipe, he advises his fans to use a strong shaker to blend in for better results. He also owns a channel on Youtube by his name Or Ben Uliel and has managed to create a big following for himself. He has 130k subscribers on that channel where he uploads videos teaching recipes that are rare and made in his very own style.

Being a confectioner, one might think that Ben is all about preaching his recipes on all his social media platforms. To give a clearer picture, this is not only what Ben does he is out there trying to connect with his fans spiritually too. In one of his posts on Facebook he is directed towards his fans where he asks them ” What have you done differently lately?”, and to that question, he gives them an insight into his lifestyle and how he has been coping up with doing things otherwise.

Ben is a huge source of inspiration for all those wanting to make a career out of their passion. He has worked for years to become what he is today. From being a kid who had no friends to becoming a celebrity chef, it had been a long happy journey for him. He learned how to pave his way through life and believed in the fact that once you choose to maintain a positive attitude towards life, nothing will ever take your happiness away from you. Ben is truly an idol one should look forward to learning to make desserts and life lessons from.