Omer Landu @omer_llandau7_official

Omer Landu @omer_llandau7_official

Playing sports passionately is an essential source to make us healthier as well as stronger. Sport effectively teaches us how to stay strong and healthy. Moreover, it magnificently examines our physical abilities and instructs us on how to overcome failures with diligence. Apart from that, sports can also be chosen as a career. As there are many renowned and high-profile players of different sports are dwelling in the world who do not afraid of failure. For them, the harder the match the sweeter the victory. With such a level of passion and dedication, they have made their nation very proud throughout the world. Today’s article is also related to the dedicated sportsman. He is a prominent pro boxer from Israel who greatly possesses sportsman spirit as he plays the game for the sake of the game. He is neither puffed by victory nor disappointed by a defeat. Apart from that, he is the owner of OL 7 gym and a medical center as well. Yes, we are certainly talking about the king of Israeli boxing, Omer Landu @omer_lLandu7_official.

Omer Landu is a passionate American Jewish boxing champion who was born on the 23rd of February. He got the training of boxing from one of the leading gyms in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather where he got the opportunity of getting training with the eminent players’ team namely “Money team”. The team had boxing luminaries including Uncle Roger, Floyd Mayweather Sr, and Floyd Mayweather. After that, he joined the Mendez Boxing Gym in New York, and the Wild Card Boxing Club of Freddie Roach in Los Angeles. So far, Omer has played several matches. But in his four pro matches, he created a rare record in the history of boxing as he made consecutively 4 victorious matches by knocking out in the first round. Such tremendously winning victories are not happened by chance, but it needs enormous efforts and dedication which lie within Omer Landu.

Focus, hard work, setting goals, and the thrill of achieving goals are the keys to success with the flying colors of Omer Landu, and this is the reason that 23-year-old ardent man is now focusing to represent his country in the Olympic games. For which, he is doing training every day for acquiring his vision.

Recently, Omer Landu has established his gym namely, OL-7. A 1500 meters gym where fitness lovers would have a new opportunity to improve and make themselves proud with having an elegant body shape. Moreover, his gym also includes a wide range of Ninja, pila tic, boxing, Yoga, gymnastics rooms, and with much more facilities that increase the fame of his gym more.

Besides this, Omer Landu is also the owner of an eminent private hospital in Israel namely, Herzliya Medical Center, employing 700 workers. It is one of the renowned medical centres that provide the best and best medical treatment, and the best thing about his hospital is that it is the first private hospital in Israel which is located on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Furthermore, he also does other humanitarian services as he works to save African nature by helping them to save their lives.

Thus, Omer Landu is a man of parts who has made his nation very proud with the passion of his sportsman spirit. Due to his phenomenal performances in the ring, he became one of the leading pro-box players in a very short time. It is his dedication that made him able to set up the consecutive 4 victories in just one knockout. Apart from that, he is the voice of people as he has built a private hospital that provides the highest level of medical treatment to the people. His successful career is a true inspiration for those who want to transform their dream into reality. If you want to know more about him and stay connected with him, then you can follow him on his Instagram handle @omer_llandu7_official.