Omar Martin

Omar Martin

Nowadays, a business keeps an important place as it is an enormous source of economic development. It generates an extensive amount of revenue. Along with that, it is a way of creating numerous job opportunities. For taking a business to the acme of success, it is important that the leader of a company must be dedicated and motivated with his work. He dares to take risks willingly to be successful in his tasks. He is always eager to seek opportunities that are highly responsible for improving his business and that thing makes him stand out. Today, we will talk about a motivated and dedicated personality whose keys to success are consistency, teamwork, motivation, leadership, vision, and innovation. He always provides better services for his customers. His level of competition always breeds the best results. Besides, being an exceptional sales execution leader, he is a former renowned American football player who gave his 100% on the field and made his country proud worldwide. Yes, we are certainly talking about Omar Martin “@bayareachampagne_guy”.

Omar Martin is basically from San Francisco, the United States of America. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts from Kansas Wesleyan University. Then, he obtained an Associate of Arts from Laney College. He is famously known as an entrepreneur as well as a former football player. He used to play American football and was the part of Skyline Football 95 team supported by Sports Focus. In the 90’s he won the match against the Oakland Tech team by making 49 goals. That was one of the proudest moments for him as well. Later on, Omar realized his hidden strength of entrepreneurship that lies within him. Soon, he obtained his certification from Wine & Spirit Education (WSET) and becomes a brand ambassador of wine and whiskey. In the beginning, he did the partnership with Woodinville Whiskey and took the company business to the next level. By playing a significant role in the success of the business. He went to Scotland for promoting a single malt Scotch whiskey product, The Glenmorangie. After that, other popular whiskey brands from various countries like Champagnes, Moet Hennessy, Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, and Moet & Chandon approached Omar Martin for acquiring his dynamic marketing service. With his remarkable marketing plans, he greatly increased the brands’ visibility that caused the maximization of the companies’ profits rates at an extensive level.

Omar Martin has also performed his service as a market manager at Mike’s Hard Lemonade where he trained wholesale managers to improve sales and marketing potency as well as managed budgets and expenses and served the team which launched the product in 16-ounce cans in the first phase roll-out. It is due to that he achieved the highest performance review out of 38 field sales managers there. Apart from that, he executed his responsibility as a senior distributor manager at Diageo too, where he encompassed the company’s portfolio; collaborated with various distributors to enhance the marketing of the brand, and made its ranking in the first place in the country. For this great achievement, Omar Martin was given the title of the number one employer and honored with Aspire for a Growth leadership program award in 2015.

 Moreover, Omar Martin has also been offering his volunteer service at Green Scholar where he is a logistics coordinator co-chair. He builds STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) confidence and competence among African youth.

Thus, Omar Martin is a shining example of a successful story who reaches the business at the next level with his confidence and innovative ideas. With the support of his hardworking, he became able to make his name in the field of entrepreneurship, and this is the reason that he has a huge fan following on Instagram with 11k followers. So, if you want to know more about this inspiring personality, then you can follow him on Instagram @bayareachampagne_guy.