Olcan (@therealolcan)

Olcan (@therealolcan)

Music is one of the purest and best ways to communicate. It lets us relate to each other on a much deeper level and create a connection that is nearly impossible in other ways. Starting from something as simple as a simple tone, evolving into much-refined chords and forms, music has enveloped humans and embraced them in itself and for various reasons.

The music industry is extremely populated with thousands of artists and billions of people enjoying these creations. This vastness of music of different types and forms has separated the industry for the right reasons and has lead to the formation of both mesmerizing and unique styles.

Through the vast genres that music and the industry is currently divided in, Rapping is one of the rawest forms of music that mostly focuses on chill giving experiences through the art of storytelling in the form of songs and the best way to experience rap music is by listening to a good rapper and OLCAN is a force to be reckoned with. Being someone with great experiences and flow that no one else can compete too, OLCAN, a rapper from Germany, has set out to spread his music like wildfire through the world and there’s nothing that can stop him from that because of the great talent that he possesses.

In the current era where live streams are a great way for people to share their experiences and have others indulge in them, OLCAN is often live on Twitch, a streaming platform and goes by the name olcanmusik.

To show the world what he is capable of, he put out his debut album namely “SABR” for 06/2021, and has seen immense support from his fans who are as excited about it as him. According to him, this album is filled with a great amount of love, painful experiences, and a flood of emotions that he has put together through great efforts.

Great effort and dedication pay off fruitfully as it can be seen in the final product and OLCAN being a man that believes in effort and hard work, has proven himself greatly through the unremitting efforts that can be observed in his album SABR that he has not only recorded but mastered all by himself. This shows just how much work he’s willing to put in and how dedicated he is for his art and is something done by those that believe in the potential of their art.

In life, there is a lot to experience and not all of these experiences are the best neither desired in any case and we all have pasts that we have gone through and gotten through with great will and OLCAN is a man of great power as he acknowledges his past and uses it instead of mourning over it by making sure that no negative person can ever affect his life and ruin his experience and he does this by not letting anything that others have to say about him effect him and continues to chase the great dreams that he has for himself, making him unstoppable and gives him a strong will to never give up.

Appreciating all of the people that support him and being someone that has accepted his past, OLCAN not only ignores but says that he is grateful to all of the bad people in his past that have tried to bring him down as if they gave him the support that he needed to grow further and be a better person.

To a music artist, his art is everything that defines him and OLCAN has touched the hearts of many, bringing them all on the bandwagon of his music with great love and a connection and this is greatly visible through the number of people that have his songs playing in their homes and cars and put up stories of it to show how much they love them. To make sure that he appreciates as many of these people that have supported him through everything, OLCAN often features these stories on his own Instagram stories.

OLCAN can be found on Instagram @therealolcan and Twitch at www.twitch.tv/olcanmusik.