Ever since before modern modes of transportation were even invented, travel has been ingrained within our very souls. Etched into our hearts and laying dormant in the present age due to the duties and obligations of most people in this day and age, travelling has come to mean more than the Old French word ‘travail’ which meant heavy labor of people moving from point A to point B. But I’d hazard to say that travel is much more than just movement.

However, the question arises, “if not just simply movement, what exactly, is travel then?” Ask this question from a hundred different people and you’re sure to get a hundred different answers. Travel means something different to every single person in the world. And there are about a million and one reasons to travel. While some may people travel the world to get the bug out of their system, or to check things off a list to say they’ve been there and done that, others do it as a way to escape and momentarily escape from their problems or just enter a fantasy land – cut off from their reality. Others yet, travel simply to get drunk on the beauty of the world or even to get drunk around it.

Since time immemorial, both humans and animals; have known and greatly valued the significance of travel and everything it entails. From being taken on a journey into new worlds that you would have never been exposed to -to giving you an opportunity to meet people from different cultures who have a diverse set of traditions and lifestyles so very distinct from our own. As you travel and gets to discover these newly found worlds, you’re forced to stop  for a moment – sheerly due to the to magnitude of the grandiosity of nature and the human condition –  and reflect not only on the differences that you observe in their lifestyle and behaviour but on the things that unite us.

An individual hoping to achieve this very purpose in his life and going by the handle of @oezgueng (and with over fifty eight thousand followers and counting) over on Instagram, this young man has been an avid traveller for as long as he can remember. Having been to over one hundred and forty three countries already, this explorer has no plans of stopping his adventurous streak any time soon.

Living life through the age old adage “happiness is a way of travel, not a destination”, this adventurer claims that’s the whole reason he travels, going on to say “My happiness is a journey and travelling plays a big part in fulfilling my happiness by fulfilling my ever-growing sense if wanderlust.”

Humble by nature and with an affinity to sharing his own experiences with the world, this restless pilgrim uses his Instagram to post about his personal journey and experiences around the world. Claiming that he hopes that “by publicly cataloging my journey, other people can live through my experiences vicariously too.” As someone who has never been one to stay still, this pathfinder says that since staying rooted in one place just wasn’t his style, when looking for a way to spend the rest of his life, “travelling just felt right”.

When asked what others who are in the same field and have just started out but are struggling should do to prevent burnout, he advises the young and old alike (since there is no age too late for you to take up travelling) to “start small and keep making continuous efforts and the day you achieve your goal will come in no time and you won’t even realise it.” With a personality brimming with such infectious positivity and adventure, it comes as no surprise that so many people eagerly await on his Instagram to check out his post and learn what new place this explorer has discovered.