Odd Bird Company (@oddbirdcompany)

Odd Bird Company (@oddbirdcompany)

Founded in the year 2015, Ceren Alkaç-Lee (pronounced Jeren) wanted to establish a brand that would not only serve in the eye of an ethical partner but also provide comfort to its mass users. She wanted to embrace her Turkish culture by providing handwoven clothing that come par with the highest brands of the United States including that of H&M, Zara, etc.

In 2016, it was observed that around 16 million tons of fabric wastage was produced by the United States alone where people were buying items of cheaper rates being produced by inadequate methods resulting in an increment in poor working conditions that made items designated as ‘temporary’ or ‘disposable’. This struck a nerve in Jeren’s mind and as an entrepreneur, she wanted to do something about it. In the same year, Oddbird Company’s first full year of business, they started their impact by sourcing 100% natural fibres, which was handwoven in her homeland, Turkey, which could prove itself acceptable with its long duration of ruggedness. This would ensure people spending less and using more and thus decreasing the footprint that affects the environment harshly.

Jeren wanted to be a part of something great that provided customers a better alternative and giving them a chance to work with a company that cared for the environment and wanted to reduce the overall textile wastage throughout the United States. Oddbird Company’s vision is to promote their country’s culture by not only keeping their culture alive but also providing their artisans with a better life, be it professional or personal because then they will feel a sense of belonging with the company and at the end, the company’s growth will be their own growth. This not only strengthens sustainable quality but also little to none employee turnover.

Oddbird Company ensures sustainability standards because their main focus is on products that are produced in small batches to the likings of bathrobes, blankets, etc. Reason being the clothing having the feeling of the touch of the craftsman’s expertise to ensure product quality. Why these products differ from other Turkish homeware is their use of 100-year-old looms over machine made textiles from Turkey that provide beautiful finish to their products.

Oddbird encompasses the concept of biodegradable textiles. Their main focus is on the long durability of their 100% natural textiles that is finished with reinforced seams. Their products only get better with time and usage.

Along with their products being worn by customers and used in homes, Oddbird has created a community of other things as well. Their Instagram profile is filled with various activities that attract the attention of people with various interests. They create tasty Turkish dishes to make people aware of the company’s Turkish background including that of Ispanakli Su Borek Spinach and feta pastry. They provide recipes for famous Turkish dishes so people can be a part of this culture and be more aware of it. Within the community, the Oddbird family presents their own curated playlists which include the popular Turkish tunes that make people swing and feel the culture flowing through the music. They feel that music is the language of the heart that has no barriers and it should be spread far and wide. They also keep their viewers engaged by recommending watching movies that they love, reading books that inspire, and podcasts that attract common thoughts.

Oddbird Company is enriched with talented, patriotic, and environment-friendly people who not only care for how our mother earth is being affected but they also care for how the residents of this planet are being affected by their brand. They go the extra mile to help their customers have the best that they deserve and fulfil the promise of durability and comfort. In order to show support to the small business that helps make the world a better place, do check out their website and Instagram handle at “oddbirdcompany“.