Noah A Waters III (@noahawatersiii)

Never have I ever got to interview a more interesting, intriguing, and diverse person than the day I got to sit down and interview Sir Noah A Waters III, 32nd Degree Free and Accepted Mason! On top of all of that, he is an incredibly sweet and grounded young man who has no desire to impress anyone and sadly suffers from rather severe mental and emotional issues. Noah is a screenwriter and director for film, TV, and the theatre, he tours internationally as a stand-up comedian and also works a great deal in the charity and Social Issues workspace. I found out he is not only a dramatist, musician, a lover of nature and the outdoors, an avid hunter and fisherman who also works in conservation and he is an author. On top of everything, he is a combat veteran who has worked in the United States Army and as a Mercenary in the counter narco-terrorism and VIP Target extraction in the Middle East and North Africa as an independent military operator for multiple companies and entities. Noah is entertaining his 2515 followers on Instagram (user-id @noahawatersiii) with his skills and his activism for mental health and the mental illness community. He is a mentor for over 23 up-and-coming filmmakers and works with multiple organizations as a mentor for others coming up in screenwriting or directing and even some in general production. He is constantly setting up shadowing and mentorship opportunities in his productions in the film industry.

He has many accounts on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, sound cloud and Pinterest. These social media accounts are filled with his personality and inspiring nature. His followers love his work and passion. Don’t wait and follow Noah at the spot for all entertainment stuff.Noah is a man with various talents. Not a single person that we reached out to, who has worked with him has had a bad thing to say about the experience of working with him other than high praise, also most don’t even know he suffered from mental and emotional issues. Most of their remarks are mentioned here. Noah always makes people feel treasured, appreciated, and loved. He may make them laugh at moments, but people tend to want to work hard for Noah because of his endearing and charm gin demeanor as well as the fire belt vibe he demands on set.

He likes spending time with his family and makes every effort to make them happy. Noah can make every moment memorable for himself and his company. That’s why people enjoy his company. His followers always see positivity from his work and attitude or they see his honesty and integrity with the way he is so blunt about his mental and emotional shortcomings. He is an idol of positivity most of the time and a great voice for the mentally Ill the rest of the time. Noah always spreads a positive attitude and teaches his followers about positive aspects of life as well as brings an honest awareness about his struggle with Sex and Intimacy Addiction, Synesthesia, major depressive disorder, attention deficit disorder, Mental retardation, and learning disabilities. His foundation and our awareness organ #MIA or Mental Illness Advocacy is a rather real step in doing good for the mentally I’ll and not a chance for him to spotlight himself. The modern era wants this type of people so that the world can become a better place, or maybe that’s just me. For spreading positive behavior, one must follow Noah.

I wholeheartedly believe Noah is the next massive force in the Entertainment industry as well as a huge help for the mental illness community all while remaining an incredibly sweet southern gentleman with a subtle southern draw.

Noah was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in the year 1989. Everyone knows that Noah A. Waters III is a stand-up comedian, filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and performer, among other things. Apart from that, he is also a good chef, an animal lover, and a pure soul. He loves to cook and knows how to fill an empty stomach on stressful days with yummy things. Noah’s love for nature and animals adds to his old soul vibe and laid-back charm. It’s hard to believe that such an outdoorsy and rugged soldier of a man could be so sweet and charming as well as a dynamite performer for his stand-up audiences. You should follow him to learn about this multitalented personality from childhood to adulthood.

People know him as a film director or an entertainer. However, in real life, he is a helper for needy people yet he never brings it up in less you pry.. Only his followers know that he makes donations and fundraising for poor people. His post is below, in which he asked for people’s collaboration to help the needy.

Noah loves music and makes music his passion too. He has acquired a more excellent reputation in the music scene due to his enthusiasm and love of music videos. Noah writes his distinct perspectives and unique voice for today’s entertainment lovers. His scripts have an oxytocin-boosting influence on the moods and actions of its readers on every page you want to turn to reveal more of the mystery rooted in character. His writing is connected with compassion, which enriches listeners intellectually and emotionally. Similarly, as language does, his written stories and movies communicate feelings and emotions.

Allow me to introduce you to the next filmmaking powerhouse, a phenomenal stand-up comedian, and mental illness advocate, who also is literally one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, Sir Noah A Waters III, 32nd Degree FreeMason! Find him here