Nii Addy (@niizus_)

Nii Addy (@niizus_)

Belonging to Germantown, Maryland; Nii Addy is a Registered Respiratory Therapist with vast experience in the field of medicine. With more than 17.5k followers on his Instagram account, he is well-known for being a caring and understanding therapist who would put the comfort of his patients first. He is currently residing in San Diego after moving from Chicago, Illinois where has was working at Northwestern Medicine.

Born on 4th September 1993, Addy can also speak French and Spanish along with English which makes it a lot easier for him to communicate with his patients who cannot speak English. Addy completed his high school education in 2011 from ‘Northwest High School’ in Montgomery County in Maryland. He then started doing his Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Therapy from Salisbury University in 2013 and graduated from there in 2017. While he was there, he worked as a Transporter for ‘TidalHealth Peninsula Regional Medical Center from September 2015 to May 2017. There he got acquainted with the work environment of a hospital as he continued his studies and prepared himself for his career. After graduating, he left his job at TidalHealth and moved to Chicago, Illinois in August 2017 to start his new job. He began working as a Respiratory Care Practitioner at ‘Ann &Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’ where his experience and knowledge about respiratory issues and care increased a lot.

Then in May 2019, he moved to Denver, Colorado where he started working as a Respiratory Therapist at ‘Children’s Hospital Colorado’. Although his job there continued for only eight months till December 2019, moving to Colorado was a huge change in his life. He got to experience a whole different lifestyle and got to meet new people who made his everyday life wonderful. After the short-lasting job, he moved back to Chicago to start his job at ‘Northwestern Medicine’ (previously known as Northwestern Memorial Hospital’ in December 2019. Like at his former job, he was working as a Respiratory Therapist here as well. There, he also got his COVID-19 vaccine shot for which he proudly put up an Instagram story to spread awareness and convince people to get vaccinated. In January 2021, he left his job there too and moved to San Diego, California to start a new phase of his life.

Moving from one city to another is not only a huge decision to make but also a very big task as it requires one to leave the usual surroundings which a person has got used to and go into an entirely new environment. However, Addy never hesitated from making these decisions and taking steps that he believed would allow him to grow as a person and also make him a better healthcare-professional. He believes that to provide his patients with the best care and treatment that he can, he needs to keep on increasing his knowledge and experience so that no matter the kind of problem someone is facing, he can help them recover from it.

Addy has moved between cities quite a lot because of him working at different places. Putting himself into new situations is like an adventure for him and makes him a lot of things. Another reason behind him choosing to not stay in one city for a long time is that he loves to travel and explore new places. As evident from his Instagram account, he greatly enjoys going to various places, especially those which are closer to nature. For him, mother nature is a very important part of one’s life as while life is the cause of anxiety, nature is a medicine for it and provides relaxation. Therefore, he is a firm believer in the phrase “Nature Nurtures”.

Addy looks forward to gaining more experience in the field of medicine and increase his knowledge about cardiopulmonary and respiratory care. He wishes that his followers would continue supporting him in his career journey wherever he works so that he can keep on helping people get well. People can follow him on his Facebook account as well.