Nihal Dangoria (@nihal.dangoria)

Nihal Dangoria (@nihal.dangoria)

Nihal Dangoria is an emerging personality due to his charismatic nature and highly admirable leadership skills. He is a young entrepreneur venturing towards the design world and has already won the hearts of many people. He is currently the co-founder of E-Plug Media, a media agency specializing in web design and finding business solutions for various clients. Nihal was born on the 19th of September and raised in India. However, he currently lives in Dubai and India, driving back and forth due to his hectic work life. He is regarded as an ideal son, boss, and inspiration to many entrepreneurs who want to attain the same luxurious life Nihal lives.

Everyone envisions a life full of comfort and prosperity in the future. But sadly, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to gain that image and live leisurely in the real world. Nihal is a living reminder that anyone can become a better version of themselves and achieve their dreams by working efficiently every day. He grew up in a middle-class socioeconomic household with goals that reached the sky. He also had immense talent as a web designer and was fascinated with the work of many renowned media agencies worldwide. In today’s modern world, advancing technology makes it easier for opportunities to grow business online, and Nihal saw a gap in the market and went to pursue it. He eventually created E-Plug with his co-founder Pratham Singh and opened a visionary future for himself.

E-Plug is an online media agency that has many head offices located in the United States: the main ones being in Austin, Boston, New York, and Baltimore! The business offers many services such as branding, photography, graphic design, illustration, and web design solutions. It’s a platform that helps clients recognize their business restraints and builds their website to give them an added traffic boost and bring more customers. E-Plug has completed over 8705 projects and has over 480 active clients. Their brilliant team strives to provide clients with the best design solutions and make a business look visually appealing to audiences. In addition, they have excellent customer service and always leave their customers happy and satisfied! Nihal is the backbone of this agency, and his efforts reflect the prosperity of the agency. The business also has an Instagram profile which has over 29.7 thousand followers. You can follow the Instagram profile of E-Plug to check out their services! Their username is ‘’.

Nihal has established himself as a vital asset in E-Plug and constantly appreciates his employees as nothing would be possible without the combined efforts of everyone in the agency. Nihal also believes that life is never complete without fun and traveling. First comes the hustle and then the enjoyment of the pleasures in the world. Therefore, it is essential to keep one’s life in balance without letting it take over the other: work should remain at work and not overtake life at home. This single belief has garnered Nihal into a charming person who knows how to have fun and live with people! All his friends and family applaud his lively spirit and consider it one of the primary reasons he is perceived as a likable boss at work.

Nihal has an Instagram account with more than 6.5 thousand followers. His Instagram feed is full of pictures from an affluent life: cars, fine dinners, and work. Many people follow him to look for advice and seek his opinions on their venturing businesses. He lives the ideal life: driving the most expensive cars, traveling the world, but never compromising his humble nature and generous personality. You can contact Nihal through his Instagram through the username ‘nihal.dangoria‘.