Nicholas Mantovan

Nicholas Mantovan

Daisaku Ikeda, a renowned Japanese philosopher, said, “efforts and hardwork construct the bridge that connects your dream to reality.” Transforming dreams into reality seems like a thought which is too good to be true, but there are people out there in this world who make it happen. They are the ones who only, through putting their whole blood, sweat and tears, turn this myth into a reality. These are the people who aren’t scared to gamble everything they have to pursue their dreams. They are the ones who live as an example of diligence and perseverance forever and are the people we all aspire to become. Out of all these people,  Nicholas Mantovan is definitely one worth talking about.

Nicholas Mantovan is twenty-one years old, living his life in Italy. However, his life might seem like an ordinary life like that of any other young adult, but there is so much more to him. Underneath all this surface, an inspiring writer and video creator is trying to make it big. From a very young age, Nicholas found himself drawn towards writing. There were myriads of times when he was struggling to express himself verbally, but those are the times he found embrace in arms of writing. Writing became his world, and he just knew he would achieve something big in this field.

There were people who didn’t support him in this journey and told him to do something better, but only through his hard work, diligence, and, most importantly, self-belief he proved them all wrong as he released his work “VICINI, MA DISTANTI” on Wattpad. It is a story about two best friends who completely erasure each other’s presence from their lives, but faith will force them to reunite and face each other. This was the first time Nicholas put himself out there, and soon after releasing his work, he started gaining popularity.  His work was actually loved and appreciated.

This only boosts his confidence, making him release two more stories after it “AVREI VOLUTO DIRTI” and “LOS GUARDIANES ORIGINS.” The former is a tale about a relationship that ended tragically, while the latter is a fantasy novel about these boys who are chosen as protectors of the entire earth. Just by reading the loglines of these three novels, one could see the immense amount of versatility and creativity in Nicholas as each story belongs to a different genre and how thoroughly detailed they are. Not only this, but he also works on the illustration for each chapter’s cover, showing how he literally puts his heart and soul into this work.

Other than being a writer, Nicholas Mantovan is also a video director and an influencer now. He is a true definition of turning everything he touches into gold. The most astonishing part of it all is that he is just twenty-one years old, meaning he has his entire life ahead of him; these achievements are just the beginning of many more coming his way.

Nicholas Mantovan also made an Instagram account to promote himself to a wider audience. Instagram is also an excellent place to learn more about his life and the people around him. He has almost thirty-one thousand people follow her who tune in to see what Nicholas is doing, and this number keeps increasing each day.

Nicholas Mantovan is the biggest inspiration to all who don’t like following the herd rather like making their own path. He wants to try everything and doesn’t want to settle for anything less than perfection. One quality that sets him apart from the others is that he has excelled in them despite trying different fields. Hence, becoming one of those people whose stories of success are worth sharing, teaches us all a lesson of if you keep working hard, you can make your dreams into your reality one day. However, for Nicholas, this is just a start.