Ngozi Ibe (@im.ngoziibeofficial)

Ngozi Ibe (@im.ngoziibeofficial)

Music is food for many people’s soul. It has a healing power that can make one feel complete again and reconnect with their surroundings and the world. Music is a guiding light for Ngozi Ibe, who sings from her heart to help heal others around her. She is a budding artist who is inspired by a unique genre of music called Gospel Music. Ngozi finds comfort in its tunes and after years of following this genre of music, the young starlet started producing her own music.

Ngozi is a dedicated and passionate artist who did self-dissection to realize where her true passion lies and what are her strength. Then, she strategically worked towards nourishing those skills and become a professional. Ngozi is one of those fortunate individuals who realized her true potentials very early in life. At a very tender age, she knew has what it takes to be a singer and an artist and with time she realized, she also felt drawn towards doing better and succeeding.

It’s not always easy for everyone to have a smooth start and instantly achieve the milestones they’ve dreamt of. For some, it takes many years of toiling and harnessing one’s talents to get anywhere in life. But that requires utmost dedication and  Ngozi has always been a focused child. With dreams tucked under her heart, she travelled to the United States and there began the inception of her professional career. With the right environment, great resources, and plentiful opportunities— Ngozi took over and spread her wings wide to soar into greatness and achieve all of her dreams.

Everyone has specific tastes when it comes to being drawn towards any form of art. It’s a matter of click. It was Gospel Music that spoke the most to Ngozi, so she pursued it as her singing genre style. Gospel Music is a sub-category of Christain music, and it has religious connotations attached to it. Sometimes, it sung for aesthetic purposes but mostly this kind of music is reserved for religious events and celebrations. This kind of music is not easy to perform because it requires dominant vocals with difficult lyrics. Due to its origins placed in traditionalism, the genre requires heavily on the performer’s voice control and vocal range and less on the music. Ngozi has been practising for years by performing in the Gospel festival and in social functions to acquire perfection in her vocals, and that is how she became a professional singer.

The most important thing for Ngozi is her Faith in God. She likes to celebrate that by humming tunes to praise whom she worships. That is why she feels so comfortable with singing Gospel Music. It’s comforting and soulful for her and it feels like a transcending experience. Ngozi likes to sing in the glory of God and to evoke a sense of stirring faith within people who listens to her music. From a very young, that is what she has desired to do and now in her professional career, she is able to do it.

Ngozi uploads her music on one of the biggest online platforms— Youtube, where her music has been viewed over 12,000 times. She has produced singles such as Ekele, Never Back Down, Praise His Name etc. Her songs depict her strong vocal range and distinctive singing style. The lyrics are also soulful and moving and have religious undertones, which explains why her music is Gospel.

The music industry is ever-evolving with new budding artists coming in every day. One needs to have a unique voice to make a distinctive name for themselves and get recognized for their style. The genre that Ngozi chose is unique in itself. But it is also her sheer talent and utmost dedication towards her career and dreams that made her come this far in life. Ngozi has faith in herself, her skills, and God. She tucks these values close to her heart and keep persisting towards achieving greatness and moving people with her music. If anyone wants to look her up, her social links are im.ngoziibeofficial.