Nasser Al Mulla (@n9hm)

Traveling seems so enjoyable, but the only traveller knows the courage. Nasser Al Mulla is UAE based traveler and influencer. He is famous because of his YouTube channel and travel diaries. Over 1 lac people are following him on Instagram. He is running her Instagram account by username @n9hm. People admire Nasser because of his multiple hobbies like traveling, blogging, and photography. He has originated from Arab but spent most of his life in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. He loves to post about health updates, especially coronavirus. He further posts about nature and political movements, hobbies, and pictures. Nasser’s content is more about Geometry and modeling. He is a die heart fan of rain; he enjoys outings in the shower. Nasser is a health-conscious person who loves to go to the gym and doesn’t miss a balanced diet. Like other boys, he also loves cars but not that much. His hobbies include food, cricket, photography, snap chat, and outings. If you want to travel worldwide and look for guidance, you must follow the Nasser Al Mullah.

Travelling also comes with expenses, earning is important in our lives. Apart from traveling and outings, Nasser involves in the hotel’s business in Dubai. United deal is one of his current Hotel management projects. However, he also responds to queries related to hotel bookings through his Instagram profile. He recommended up to fifteen hotels with a pool in Dubai where everyone can stay, including Tourists and international clients. Nasser also worked on uncountable national projects, including products and services. Being an Arab resident, Nasser loves to wear Arabic dress and looks so cool in it. Snapchat is one of his favorite applications after Instagram, where he mostly keeps active. Nasser loves Snapchat filters and takes pictures in that too. Not only this, but he is also an active user of YouTube; he has his channel on YouTube by Nasser Al Mulla, where he has more than twenty-three thousand subscribers. He is also on TikTok by the name Nasseralmulla. When it’s come to food, meals are an essential part of Nasser’s life. However, he eats junk food occasionally because he is a fitness enthusiast and needs to look good by his looks. But he is fond of Espresso’s Coffee and enjoys casually with his friends. Nasser strikes to taste different foods as it was his side hobby, so he had tried various restaurants and cafés around the globe. If you want to see restaurant reviews, you must follow the Nasser Al Mulla on Instagram.

Everyone knows that some friends are life. For Nasser, friends are more than life. He enjoys alot their company and he loves to travel with them. No doubt, his friends are gems and love back the Nasser as he does to them. They all travel in a group so that all the travel hurdles and challenges become fun for them.

As we know from the starting that he is a travel enthusiast and spent most of his time traveling, he has visited multiple countries and regions where he had enjoyed the company of different people from different cultures. He knows foreign languages and lifestyles, but he still prefers his mother tongue and national language, Arabic. You will find all his content in Arabic, and he rarely uses English anywhere on his social media and no other language. On TikTok, he posts inspirational and motivational speeches and discussions of him. He knows that the youth need inspiration, motivation, and appreciation, so he is doing. On the flip side, being a photographer and traveler, he captured beautiful places on his camera worldwide, especially from Germany and Dubai. He enjoyed snowfall in February 2017 in Azerbaijan, and you can see its videos and photographs on his Instagram profile. Nasser also has a touch of patriotism and religion. When a person travels from country to country, he develops patriotism and love for his home country. To get information about the different areas of the world, follow Nasser Al Mulla now!