Nar Mar (@cali._.dreaming)

Nar Mar (@cali._.dreaming)

With the rise in the already copious amounts of violence, hate, and intolerance that existed in the world, having an opinion and voicing it openly has become an increasingly difficult position to be in. In the case of people on social media platforms who are vocal about their opinions, it takes a person with the courage to even be open about their individual beliefs on public platforms considering one can never be sure whether their message will be received well by everyone. Knowing that your opinions and beliefs need to be politically correct, carefully worded, and respectful enough so people on varying sides do not get offended and lash out is all vital when it comes to expressing yourself in front of the public eye. People who expose themselves to virtual hyenas on the internet need to have thick skin and be open to criticism from all sorts of keyboard warriors who wait for people to slip up so they can bring them down.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that social media voices that are about topics such as religion, politics, or policy require a certain finesse that not a lot of people possess, on top of the thick skin and iron-wall confidence and knowledge you must have on topics before you express them on platforms online.

Nar Mar, who is on Instagram with the handle @cali._.dreaming, is a user who, since becoming vocal about his sides on social media, has been extremely careful and has meticulously curated his identity on the app. Hailing from the United States of America, Mar has certainly kept himself busy when it comes to the realms of activism, both in real life and his virtual identity. With a staggering 83.7k followers, his username might lead you to think he is a simpleton who only seeks the finer things in life, the truth would not be more far off. He is an aware, intelligent, fearless, and vocal individual who carefully treads through the internet with an interesting mix of viewpoints about various issues and topics of conversation.

As his Instagram bio makes very clear, Mar is an advocate for many things, but the most important thing to note is that he is a strong believer in every individual having their own rights to the freedom of speech. In times where everything is so heavily criticized, policed, and influenced, guaranteeing that an individual can secure their freedom to have their own opinion, be able to comprehend and voice it is important to advocate for. To add to that, he also keeps a certain phrase from the United States Declaration of Independence, very close to his heart and in his advocacy. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a commonly known phrase among the American folk and one that can be a philosophy that a lot of people believe and live by, and Mar just so happens to live by it as well. Rightfully so, one can immediately understand that he is a responsible and well-versed citizen who knows what he should and should not stand by.

When Mar is not being an advocate for freedom of speech or liberty, he is a free-spirited and fun individual who likes to spend his time travelling, taking pictures and getting photographed at the picturesque locations he visits, and lifting other peoples’ moods via his comedic genius. Advocacy in these troubling times can be tough to handle and integrate into your daily life, but once you get the hang of it like Mar, things don’t look quite as bleak.

Mar’s Instagram shows his story highlights, where his love for cars is also made obvious. He does have a steep bias for BMWs as the company makes frequent appearances on his stories. He is also a lover of fashion, and you won’t be hard-pressed to find a click of him with a carefully curated, sleek outfit in his favourite streetwear, but that’s all in a day’s work for Mar!