Naomi Tara Lievens

Naomi Tara Lievens

Over the past century, multiple jobs and forms of employment were normalized with the culture of women working post the industrial revolution. With their integration into the workforce, women had to make way for themselves in a market overflowing with men and create employment in places where they would dominate. Over centuries, this vision became a reality where a lot of jobs such as modeling, makeup artistry, styling, etc, became women centric industries. Decades later, although these industries have welcomed all genders, women still dominate and are favored when it comes to modelling.

Despite popular belief, modelling isn’t a “feminine” profession that requires a model to just be thin with a pretty face. One could even argue that it’s as tough as an athlete’s career, having to constantly be careful of your diets. Interactions, work outs and body, your schedules, skin, even hair care! The booking processes in modelling are cut throat with no care for a model’s feelings or sentiments. Models have to have nerves of steel with the bravado of a superhero in the face of intense criticism and comments by casters and professionals. From everything to their appearance, walk, and personality being judged, the modeling industry requires one to have nerves of steel as the harsh requirements of the industry chip away at you.

Brave in the ace of immense criticism and an often crippling lifestyle, Naomi Tara Lievens is an up and coming model who has graced the world of modeling with her towering height of 185cm, thin waist, legs that never seem to end, and a bone structure that looks like it was carved by a sculptor. All in all, it would not be a stretch to say she’s out in the world giving Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty in Greek culture, a run for her money and title! Originally from Milan in Italy, Lievens sure lives up to the name of Italian beauty and flair. Sporting her gorgeous blonde hair, Lievens has been on her mission to bring her name onto the map and become a household name, and she lacks none of the natural beauty to make sure her dreams come true.

Lievens regularly graces the eyes of her impressive 52,000 followers with updates in her life as she travels the globe for work. Decked up and dressed to the nines in the most gorgeous of clothes made by talented designers and craftsmen as she sports makeup that accentuate her already flawless features to highlight her beauty done by some of the best in the industry, Lievens is proving that she is a force to be reckoned with, soon giving other models some stuff competition! She is represented by and signed to Elite Model World, whose Instagram following is a little short of a million.

As if Lievens career in modelling wasn’t proof of her determination and passion, she also loves challenging herself and testing her limits, trying new things and reaching new peaks in the different careers she dips her toes into. Known for her role in 2017 TV show “Brussels”, Lievens is a skilled actress as well, proving that she has brains and skill to accompany her beauty.

Having worked for huge, renowned brands like Guess, Dolce & Gabanna, Phillip Plein, and Dior amongst others, Lievens knows the pressure that comes with being under constant scrutiny. Because of the pressure she felt and the toll it took on her mental health, Lievens swore to help emerging, younger models in the industry to prepare them for the real world, and offered her help to them at any time.

Lievens has proven herself to be above the superficial image models have been branded with, as she is as hardworking, brave, and aware as the other person. She works in the field to spread awareness about mental health and how a field that is so taxing and demanding can slowly have a negative impact on you. Make sure to follow Lievens on her Instagram (@lievna) to keep up with her growing modelling career, travels and philanthropy.