N.V.T.V.S. (@nvtvs_official)

N.V.T.V.S. (@nvtvs_official)

In a world full of mainstream and generic songs, N.V.T.V.S. stands in the limelight of underground music. The band is gaining popularity due to its authenticity and passion for alternative rap and electronic music. Bands like N.V.T.V.S. are rare and still exist under the shadows alongside a growing audience of many people that admire something distinct. Music is subjective and can appeal to various people for different reasons: some might love instrumentals only, some love the sounds of hard rock and metal, and many love hip-hip music artists worldwide. However, underground music holds its value and preference in the music industry. N.V.T.V.S.’s music appeals to a niche audience that loves a non-traditional style of composition and loud vocals that express feelings of joy and sorrow. 

The members of N.V.T.V.s started their journey into music from an early age and went through a series of struggles and hardships to become an Internet sensation. Currently, people worldwide listen to their music, and the band goes on frequent tours around the United States, visiting all the states to meet their lovely fanbase. N.V.T.V. has recently visited Texas, Dallas, Denver, Manchester, Brooklyn, Columbus, Omaha, Buffalo, Houston, San Antonio, and many more. Their tours and concerts are famous as the band members are known to be kindred spirits: bursting full of energy and love. N.V.T.V.s treat their fans as their own big family, as they attest their music career would amount to nothing without their endless support and love.

N.V.T.V.’s music is undoubtedly an eccentric version of popular music that uses more unique composition styles and techniques. Their latest single, ‘Coma,’ is a brilliant example of their fusion of Pop music with a fun freestyle twist. The song makes listeners feel alive, positive, and an upbeat lift in their mood. It’s built for people to become freer and feel lively while making them dance on their toes. However, there is versatile music in their albums: Fuck Shit, released in 2021, sets you in a more aggressive but hyped-up mood. Whereas ’30 Blunts’ is the perfect vibe for young teens having fun at a party. Most of the N.V.T.V. audience is the new Gen Z generation as their lyrics appeal to their lives and fun party life. 

If we put N.V.T.V.’s music into a box, most of their music incorporates Emo rap trap, Lo-fi alternative, Hip-Hop, and Dream-Pop. However, the best part of their alternative manner of composition is the freedom: they release new songs with any combination and surprise their audience with each single. This factor allows more innovation and creativity that many bands don’t have in the music industry. N.V.T.V. has collaborated with many other similar artists and bands, including KEEPMYSECRETS, Bearded Legend, A.M.E.C.K., TORCHFVCE, and D.E.D.D. They all treat each other like friends and family members of the same community. There is no shred of envy or hatred amongst all these alternative artists. They prefer the beautiful design of musical art rather than manufacturing music to seek out profits. 

NVTV. also has an Instagram profile filled with 8.4 followers who are highly responsive to the band’s new song arrivals and life updates. The Instagram feed represents the alternative, underground music industry, which is a counterculture of society. The band members don’t care about society’s traditional expectations and live their lives as they please with their loved ones. Hence, the intense communal energy amongst all members is evident from looking at their pictures. They are a group of music enthusiasts who love to have fun and work tirelessly to produce music that their audience loves. You can follow on Instagram and connect with them through the username, ‘nvtvs_official.’ 

You can also look at the LinkTree below to access N.V.T.V.’s music available on Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.