Mullet Dragon (@mulletdragon)

Mullet Dragon (@mulletdragon)

Music is a form of art that has been a crucial part of people’s life to enjoy their day, make their mood better, or express themselves with a beat. With the number of growing genres and mixes these days,  it is a remarkable thing to stand out in the industry in this day and age.

Mike Woods, also known by the name of Mullet Dragon, made his name known in this saturated industry with the help of his great music production and songwriting skills and with the hard work that he put into it by working 16-20 hours a day since he was 11 years old showing that hard work and dedication never go unpaid, motivating all the young artists that are just starting to keep going in the direction that they started in and have no doubts.

In this world full of people trying to excel in the art they like, Mike went to college to learn music production at MTSU and also interned with 7 times Grammy award winner Dan Rudin to further explore the depths of music. His passion didn’t show any signs of slowing down after graduating as he immediately signed a recording and publishing agreement with an imprint of Warner Brothers, started touring with Mega Stars and bands like Snoop Dog and the killers, and played festival Lollapalooza and SXSW.

Mike showed his talent by being on the billboard 200 #1 Album “Eye on it” by Tobymac, also co-wrote 2 Grammy award-winning albums with him. Being a recording artist and a songwriter, he sometimes writes the lyrics and then makes a track to go with it but according to him, he likes to go the other way around by writing the lyrics as he vibes with the music which makes him express his creative mind more openly which makes his product a lot more amusing to his fans.

Along with the great music that is hard not to sing along to or dance on, he makes sure the videos are just as entertaining as the animated video of “Mullet on my shoulder” showing off his creativity making people enjoy the tract seamlessly.

Releasing merch came naturally to his business and as he grew in the field, people wanted to support his content and show off their love for him so he released his merch with quotes from his music on them with the current fashion making everyone want to own. He often has sales on the items and does giveaways and enjoys hand signing thank you cards for them to show the love he has for the people that support him.

His clothing style is not the only thing that people are impressed by but one of the things that stand out is how he keeps an amazing mullet at all times and keeps it alive by showing off different colors and styles in hair transformation vlogs sharing the experience with everyone.

One of his most loved items in his shop has to be the mullet magic styling clay that helps keep the hair in place and look as amazing as one would want them to look by the end of the day which is always in demand and people love to send him pictures with amazing styles they come up with it that he appreciates on his page.

Mike is the first person to introduce mullet-based NFTs to bid on music which is a huge thing for an artist to sell exclusive singles directly to fans and people who want to own the creations to grow in the future.

One of his biggest inspirations is the late artist Lil Peep that he talks about in his posts a lot that he claims has left an eternal mark on music as a fashion icon, songwriter, and recording artist.

Mike Wood made it easy for people to find him on social media on Instagram as @mulletdragon where he updates about his new songs and connects with his fans.