Mr. Rich Kids of London (@mr_rkol)

In a world where opulence and lavish lifestyles aren’t available to all, the stock market and economies all over the world fluctuate like a heart monitor, sometimes the only option one is left with is to live vicariously through the lives of other people. Public displays of wealth and influence might be considered inappropriate to some people, but Mr. Rich Kids of London’s creator seemed to disagree.

Before talking about the medium of this display of wealth, luxury, and comfort, let’s talk about the person who gives these socialites an outlet to boast their wads of cash, jets, cars and designer wear. Choosing to keep his identity anonymous, the creator of this medium, Instagram account titled “Rich Kids of London”, opened up this platform on Facebook in July of 2015 and an Instagram account for the untouchable elites of London in the following December of the same year. A broker who was selling off-market property in the up-scale and posh localities of London, the 21 year old creator at the time chose to be hush about his home and his lifestyle.

Although his occupation in 2015 allowed him to work in London and know the insides and outs of it, he revealed that he himself does not reside there, but outside not far off. The exact location is unknown because he did not wish to reveal more intimate information about him, even to magazines like Business Insider. Having attended a private school in the UK, he still said that he didn’t think he fits the criteria of being a “rich kid”, admitting that his family put their blood, sweat, and tears into having the comfortable yet modest lifestyle they have now. As opposed to the people he showcases on his Instagram account, he said that he merely enjoys seeing people live lavishly and enjoying luxury, but not for reasons he is often put down for. To motivate people to work hard for a life they desire, much like his parents did, he curated “Rich Kids of London” (@richkidslondon) to motivate people.

The inspiration for his page came from an article he read about the Rich Kids of Snapchat, who would use the app to showcase their lives through a series of photos and videos. Perhaps for an increased reach on a platform more geared towards photo documentation, he created the Rich Kids of London Instagram page. Mr. Rich Kids of London has his personal Instagram account as well, with a not-too-shabby 9.3 thousand followers, but much to the disappointment of people who wish to know about the man behind the Rich Kids of London, he has persisted in being especially private about his personal life behind the Instagram account.

Running Rich Kids of London has allowed Mr. RKOL himself to be well-acquainted with all the top, up-scale locations in London where these socialites usually spend time at, like raffles, Mahiki, and Annabelle’s, but tipped that on a weekend you’d be sure to find them at Kensington Roof Gardens. He also shared the method to get featured, and how they get submissions through direct messages and emails. He did say that the best ones are featured, and intimate or inappropriate pictures do not get featured to not tarnish the purpose of the page itself. Understandably, the page did receive some negative comments, but that was a tiny percentage of the page’s whopping 1.7 million followers! It is to be understood that Rich Kids of London is obviously a space for people who wish to enjoy and appreciate the wealth of other people while understanding that most of the captions and comments are meant to be non-offensive.

The verified Rich Kids of London page features the elite, “untouchables” of London who document their lush lives as they travel, party, and simply exist in their luxury. Travel locations like Koh Samui, The Bahamas, Maldives, Mykonos, Dubai just tick off the few places they vacation to, otherwise sights like gold-plated sports cars, yachts, boats, bags and shoes don’t leave much to the imagination.

If you’re someone who enjoys this content, head on over to @richkidslondon and feast your eyes!