Moudi Tajjour

Moudi Tajjour

An Interesting and impactful life is not lived by many, and if we further sieve it down, we find people living lives that we think are only found in fairy tales. These people do exist and co-exist with us all around the world without us knowing and Moudi Tajjour is one of them. If anyone describes the word Thug Life, it’s Moudi who has lived a life full of fame for all the wrong reasons. Being an ex-gangster and former national president of the Nomads Motorcycle club turned Author who has now found meaning in living life better away from the past, Moudi set out to turn his life over.

We all have done sinful things at some point in our lives but what matters is if we repent for them and if we accept them and change what we were doing wrong to be a better version of ourselves and a better human being. Such is the story of Moudi Tajjour, who flipped his life from being a convicted killer with over 2 decades of crimes to someone entirely different for the better good.

Because of his past, Moudi has experienced things that no ordinary man could have. This includes many chapters of his life such as the different things that he experienced in his life in prison, how he was targeted all the time while, how his enemies are still waiting for a chance to dispose of him, other events like how he was nearly shot when he was out with his girlfriend, requiring him to jump to the ground in shock, that he mentioned during a podcast and how he went from country to country looking for a better meaning to how he should live his life. Despite all of that, all of these bizarre adventures have made Moudi the man that he is right now and now lives to tell the stories to others that are either going through the same or that need to know that it is very possible to shift from being someone that people run away from, to a better human being for others and oneself.

In 2020, Moudi decided to turn over a new leaf and give his life a better direction by leaving his old life and all of his fame back and accepting Islam to live his life in peace and to repent for his sins. Through these months, he’s constantly been working on being a better person and to seek the right path and do the right things and prays that ‘All who walk the wrong path today will change and see we are here for a short time.’ Believing in a positive outcome for the coming future, he also believes that when asked about what he’d like to change about his past, he’s not sure about what to answer and further adds that regret is a difficult question to answer as it came with its experiences and lessons and delivers the message that no matter how much you’ve sunk, there’s no use being worried about the past, but to move on and to work on changing the future.

Believing in a positive attitude, Moudi has a lot to say when it comes to back-biters and people proving to negatively impact your life and says that such people should be ignored as they do not hold the key to your life and that doing so will open up much more positive and happy times for you.

Being someone that loves cars and watches, Moudi is often seen around exotic cars such as an Audi or finding himself a good watch to buy.

Moudi Tajjour can be followed on Instagram @cant__fight__fate and his other social media pages such as YouTube where he posts segments of his podcasts at