Moosho Khachikyan

Moosho Khachikyan

Photography is a vision and art that allows us to examine our lives from new perspectives; it is a unique way of expressing our life experiences as well. Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. Also, photography is an evocation of emotions and feelings that pleases us aesthetically as a lot of memories are attached with it which people usually preserve in the shape of photographs. With photography, we refresh and recall our memorable moments of life. Behind creating the best captures of our lives, a renowned photographer is a reason for such marvelous execution. A photographer uniquely depicts his artistic abilities in pictures with his outstanding photographic skills. Today’s article is also related to a professional photographer from Los Angeles who is famously known for exceptional photography as well as videography. He has taken creative and attractive photographs of many irreplaceable moments and events. He has also won the award for his sophisticated wedding photography.  His aim is not just to take photographs, but to capture precious moments to bring memories to life. It is a factor of his photography that has highly inspired people, and due to this reason, he has a great fan following on different platforms. Currently, he has more than 11.6k followers on Instagram, and the chain of his fans is extensively growing day by day. Yes, we are certainly talking about Moosho Khachikyan @moosho.

Moosho Khachikyan is a prominent photographer from Los Angeles, the United States of America. His photography has some kind of uniqueness that makes his photos highly endearing. He focuses on the driving force of raw emotions and the originality of romance to create the charm in the photos as people want. So far, he has captured so many alluring wedding photos, for which he has won several awards too.  

Moosho has done his high schooling at Yerevan Basic School. He followed his passion for photography since he was a teenager. In the beginning, Moosho used to work in the fashion club and wedding industry where he tremendously developed his skills. Having an immense interest in photography, he acquired his degree in the field of his passion. He obtained his degree in the director of photography from the Armenian University. After that, Moosho set his goals high for grabbing new opportunities, and for this reason, he moved to the United States of America after his graduation. He remarkably flourishes himself in photography as well as videography there. Despite having new culture and land home, Moosho phenomenally builds business by recruiting new clients, and with his constant and tireless efforts, he became a notable wedding photographer in the United States of America within a short period.

 Being an outstanding photographer, Moosho is a leading videographer too. He currently works as a videographer at Stavro Video Production. So far, he has done many music videos for renowned music artists which later becomes one of the most streaming videos crossing more than 40M views.

Thus, Moosho Khachikyan is a man whose photography creates a great reputation in the wedding industry. For him, photography is a skill that cannot be purchased, but it is acquired by continuous efforts and practice. For this reason, he extensively traveled and became an eminent photographer. Through his photography, he beautifully captures the wonderful day of the wedding into a beautiful memory. He has given people a moment that never runs away from their lives. He creates artistic and prestigious work by using a wide range of equipment and approaches that make his photography alluring.  So, if you want such an aesthetic level of photography for the important events of your life then not choosing Moosho’s service might be a great deprivation of you. For booking his service you can visit Moreover, you can discover his portfolio of wedding pictures on his Instagram handle @moosho