MoneyMakinTee (@thereal_mmt1)

MoneyMakinTee (@thereal_mmt1)

Singer, songwriter, and producer MoneyMakinTee is new to the music world but has taken it as a storm with his immensely catchy singles being released left and right. With six singles in total, the young man has been busy since his debut in 2021. Heavy focus on rap, MoneyMakinTee’s main demographic is the young adults who may be sharing the same experiences as him – he wants his audiences to feel like they can resonate with someone and that is where he steps in. Unlike other artists In the industry, MMT does not shy away from being bold and explicit, he ensures he puts his actual feelings into his songs which makes them so very different from the rest.

He released his first EP called ‘Club Coop’ in the July of 2021 which consisted of three songs called All On, F**k It, and I’m Really. Seeing the success of the first mini-album MMT went on to release another single named Started Off Hard which was released on December 23rd, 2021. After a two-month-long break, the talented rapper has went on to release four new singles almost back to back in March alone showing his boundless dedication and passion towards his work. His most recent release – Locked In With The Money Gang has turned out to be one of MMT’s most popular songs as it shows up on the list of top songs. (All music is available on Apple Music and can be accessed under the artist name – MMT).

Apart from his professional music career, MMT is quite the partier and is not afraid to live his life. He believes in the concept of – YOLO (you only live once) and thus does not shy away from enjoying every bit of his existence. From enjoying New Year’s with friends to just casually hanging out with the boys – MMT has quite literally been living what you call a fulfilling life. MoneyMakinTee is the perfect example of how to create a work-life balance, unlike every other young adult who struggles to achieve that in today’s capitalist world that bounds individuals to consistent labor. MMT should be an inspiration to his followers as he goes by the philosophy – work when needed and relax when needed.

Father to the cutest little baby girls – MoneyMakinTee does not shy away from expressing his love for his daughters on social media platforms. Just recently MMT threw his youngest one a Winter Wonderland for her first birthday. Baby Taylor looked as happy as ever with her father, mother, and elder sisters all there to celebrate the big day with her. Daddy MMT seems to be spending quite some quality time with his folks as we see the beautiful little family enjoying the lovely day with their loved ones. This goes on to show how much of a loving and caring father MMT is that despite his busy schedule he makes sure that he does not miss out on the important events of his offspring’s life.

MoneyMakinTee is a very ambitious young fellow and has big aims to use his talent to achieve his dreams. Through his various social media platforms, he lets his followers have a sneak peek into his personal life to create a sense of resonation with the audience. He wants to break the barrier with his followers and hopes to create a harmonious little community.  MMT can be followed on Twitter and Instagram through the username @thereal_mmt1, you can even subscribe to his Youtube channel and click on that notification bell to keep up to date with his new music releases – MoneyMakinTee. Don’t miss out and click that follow button because we assure you it is going to be worth it!