Mondo (@mondo_official)

Mondo (@mondo_official)

Mondo is a stage name for the best Techno DJ and producer in the Techno Industry worldwide! He is a notable artist who is also building a concrete brand out of his stage name in the Techno world. One does not even need to know his real name; just the word Mondo serves the purpose to let people know who is being talked about. Mondo is a brilliant artist who has the expertise and vast knowledge about Techno beats and music. His compositions of songs have driven many followers towards becoming his hardcore loyal fans. Mondo also has 125 mix show broadcasting episodes featured on the radio, and also on many of the influential streaming mediums online. Mondo aims to provide the best Techno music to the world by engaging different artists together and creating music that can stun Techno lovers and spread joy as well.

Techno music is a genre of Electronic Dance music; it can make people feel alive and dance on their toes with happiness. The best Techno music is considered to be a work of art, as it’s capable of luring in people to spontaneously dance on the floor according to the exhilarating beats produced by the DJ. Mondo is one of the DJs who will always give his audience a stimulating experience with his creation of beats. He is the most in-demand DJ as he has a magic of mixing and creating beats with different parts of the Electronic genre. If Mondo is at your service, then there is no doubt you will be having an amazing rave!

Mondo also is striving to make his name more prominent globally, and his efforts to solidify his image in the Industry are working considering the massive increase in his fanbase from different parts of the world. He also has a show called ‘Gravity Radio 125’ that has created an uproar in the Techno community because it is one of the best dance music shows available on multiple platforms for people to enjoy. Mondo is successful due to his hardworking personality and passion for Electronic music that is displayed every time he is at the DJ position on the dance floor. Mondo serves the most immaculate beats in Techno, Deep, Progressive, Minimal, and Tech House and continues to expand his experience and skills. The ‘Gravity Show 125’ is affiliated & promoted solely by Syndicast.

Mondo is famous because he is known as the humblest man in the Electronic Dance community. He exhibits great affection for other artists in the industry, and always talks about supporting and uplifting each other rather than crushing each other amongst the hectic competition. He aims to make recognition of other artists through his work, and not only build his brand but allow others to collaborate and get a chance to show the world their talents too.

Mondo has an Instagram that has over 12 thousand followers that are rising as his events expand to other places and more Techno fans learn about his brilliant work. Mondo uses his Instagram mainly for engaging with fans and updating about his new releases of music and episodes. There are also videos and pictures of his shows and event to give the viewers an idea of how big and fun his shows are in real life. His Instagram is a glimpse into his Techno world, that never ceases to amaze the viewer.

Mondo also uses the Instagram platform as a way to promote other artists by sharing music and tagging each other from the Electronic dance industry.  Mondo credits the fact that exposure on social media platforms and brand profiles is the perfect way for artists to assist each other. The use of cross promotion is a technique that benefits both sides, and Mondo uses this to promote himself and the other artist or brand so that they both have an opportunity to gain more listeners. Mondo can be contacted on his Instagram for contacts, bookings for events, and collaborations. Mondo’s Instagram can be availed through the username ‘mondo_official’, and his official website to view his songs and show is listed down below.