Molly Tullis (@thebibliophileblode)

Reality may not always provide us with the life we seek, but we may always discover it between the pages of a book. Reading is a kind of civilization; it is one of the primary forms of culture since it uses the mind’s free raw material to construct castles of possibility. Molly Tullis is one of them who loves books more than anything. She is on Instagram as @thebibliophileblonde with 28.3k followers. Molly Tullis is a complete nerd when it comes to Greek mythology. Each successive translation puts its flavor to the stories, emphasizing key passages and changing the terminology significantly. Molly Tullis would have called her French bulldog Jean Valjean after the Phantom of the Opera rather than Raoul. She exclusively wears black clothes and red lipstick, and she never refuses an iced coffee or a shot of tequila. If mythology is your genre of reading, then follow her @thebibliophileblonde.

She likes writing fantasy, romance, and any other genre that includes a dark-haired, morally ambiguous character. The Romanov Oracle, her latest novel, was motivated by a love of history and a desire to recast it with more enchantment. She is a lady with bangs, finger tattoos, and a nose ring who can tell you which planets make you unhappy when she does not identify as an author. She is the author of the famous novel “The Romanov Oracle.” The Romanov Oracle is the Romanov Dynasty’s version. You don’t have to be a historical expert to enjoy and comprehend this book. That said, if you know a lot about the Romanov Dynasty’s history, you’ll love this book since Molly Tullis did such an excellent job of taking essential and well-known historical elements from the original narrative and giving them a magical spin. This is your time to deep dive into fantasy to follow @thebibliophileblonde.

Even though book reading culture is decreasing, human lives are becoming easier due to quick technology and rapid expansion. The world is no longer the same as a few decades ago. Everything in the world has changed. Our activities, ambitions, and aspirations vary as well. Molly Tullisis fetching her readers’ interestby giving them a cherished view of fantasy in her novel. She has profound ways to turn the fantasy into reality, that her readers experience the imaginary characters as real ones. A book reading hobby is defined by a strong desire to read high-quality books of various genres. There are also several advantages to reading high-quality literature. Reading enhances your thinking and broadens your comprehension of many topics in your life. Reading books can help you cope with anxiety and stress. They provide much-needed mental comfort and relaxation. It is more than just a sort of entertainment or a pastime to keep you happy. Molly Tullis’swords spin, are a potion for the intellect, which, by nature, requires a lot of reading to grow and progress. Follow her on Instagram @thebibliophileblonde.

Molly Tullis’s obsession for books is depicted in affection for her Pet. She has a bulldog named after a novel by “Jean Valjean.” Pets always have been an essential part of life; they are like family. With whom she frequently plays and too pleased their leisure time. Reading is an excellent habit to cultivate throughout one’s life, and she loves to read with his dog. There is nothing like a beautiful book and the best dog to keep you company. Reading is beneficial to your general health and well-being. As a book lover and author, Molly Tullis is truly inspirational in her ability to make a difference in people’s lives. Follow her on Instagram @thebibliophileblonde.