Molly Brady (@angel_eyes_729)

Molly Brady (@angel_eyes_729)

In the competitive world of today, there exists a constant tussle between people over success, growth, and beauty. There is an increasing pressure to win the race, of which a large majority of people are a part. In such a world, popular influencers play a huge role by helping people through the day-to-day challenges they face in the race of life.

One such social media and beauty influencer is Molly Brady, who uses her social media platform to spread positivity, compassion, self-love, and acceptance. Molly Brady is a 43-year-old single woman, who embraces her true self with dignity and confidence, encouraging other people to do so too.

Her social media posts are raw and depict her true self. They are paired with wonderful captions which are loaded with words of wisdom. At a time when beauty is defined by outward appearance, Molly tries to change people’s perception of beauty. She does this by embracing herself and her flaws publicly. One of her many bold posts is about her revealing her age and owning it. She broke the norm by being vocal about her growing age and accepting it. She did so by stating that aging is part of the journey and is a process of growth. One must embrace it, and be happy with all the milestones achieved in life thus far.

The influencer is very vocal about self-love and compassion. She encourages her followers to not seek validation from people around them. She is a firm believer that a pure heart is what makes a person beautiful. It is very easy to accept the good qualities that one possesses, but self-love is all about embracing the parts that are rough around the edges. It is important that one accepts those difficult parts, and be more confident of them. Once a person starts loving themselves for who they are, that is when a person starts feeling more confident and happy in their skin.

In one of her posts, Molly talks about the pain and hurt she has personally been through in her life and how it helped shape her into who she is today. The process of learning to love herself was not an easy one. She talks about how it is important to never allow others to define your worth. The way other people treat you is a definition of who they are and does not depict your worth in any way. She advises her followers to never change for the sake of the people around them.

Molly Brady talks a lot about female empowerment and about how important it is for women to lift each other. She promotes the idea of collaboration between women and rejects the idea of competition that exists between women today. In one of her posts, Molly talks about how successful women are those who help other women stand up, and win together. She also talks about the mockery and stresses women face on a day-to-day basis, and motivates women to rise above their imperfections despite everything. Her words have the ability to instill strength in people who read them, motivating them to work harder and be better and more emotionally healthy.

In her leisure time, Molly enjoys playing eight-ball pool and is rather good at it. She has a pet dog who she adores very much. The puppy is the king of her house, and Molly enjoys spending time with it. Molly is eternally grateful to God for all that she has today. Instead of letting her troubles pin her down, Molly is proud of her struggles, which she feels helped her shape into the person she is today.

To read her inspiring words, and get your daily dose of motivation to get past the day, one must surely follow this bright influencer who is for sure going to make your day. Molly Brady can be followed on Instagram as @angel_eyes_729, where she is followed by over 9 thousand people!