Mohammed Oudah

Mohammed Oudah

There are no bounds to creativity and nothing can scale a person’s creativity as it is an endless journey for those who create and observe both. In this modern age where there are billions of people, uniqueness and creativity are what sets us apart from each other. Being such a vast term, creativity is found at every corner of the world and can exist in any shape or form. Despite being a trait all of us have, being creative or going out of the box for something is something not everyone can do as well as others and this sets good artists apart from others. These individuals each have their unique way of expressing things and emit creativity.

Mohammed Oudah is an Art Director and Graphic Designer that has over 10 years of experience in resolving design concept development needs for various local and also international clients. He is a creative individual with a great amount of knowledge and perspective and has given birth to various exquisite designs.

Being who he is, he has never let himself be limited in any manner and has only looked forward to grow more and more and being able to design better and unique things. This has to lead him to a path that has exposed him to all kinds of different forms of art. With the astonishing creativity and great knowledge that he possesses, his work justifies every bit of it as the Logos that he designs serve as a visual identity of the brands and he makes sure that he puts as much character into them as possible while keeping them clean and simple. Oudah has also worked on commercial ads for brands like Al Mudhish and continues to grow his knowledge of them to make sure that the next design that he makes is better than the last one.

If you’re looking to launch a brand or product, Mohammed Oudah is the guy you need as he can make any design ranging from the logo, card covers, pens, flyers, Covers, UI for your applications, business cards and much more.

The font can tell a lot about something and this very thought gave birth to typography, the art of arranging letters and text to make them the most appealing and readable while attracting the eye of the observer and can be used to emit an emotion and character portrayed by the text. Knowing the power of typography, Oudah has also produced great examples of good typography and even gone to the lengths of animating it for an even more interactive and attractive experience.

Having unrivaled creativity and no bounds to his imagination, Oudah has been trusted by many great clients such as Asiacell that hired him as an Art Director for a short film for the introduction of a new era with their unrivaled 4G LTE Internet. This was a full-scale project with not only the visuals but everything else such as the atmosphere in mind too and Oudah played a huge role in its becoming.

To make sure that his followers are well aware of his capabilities, Oudahs Instagram is filled with great concepts that he has implemented in the form of designs and illustrations serving as both a hobby and a dynamic portfolio for his clients to set their eyes upon his work. On it, we find various different forms of art such as a set of logos bundled together based on the same theme color, Unique and clean designs of exquisite logos, art depicting his culture and complemented by typography and calligraphy including more great concept arts that each have their stories and meanings behind them, pixel art, illustrations for awareness, Music vinyl art and even photography that makes your eyes dazzle and wonder how creative someone has to be to achieve that.

Oudah can be found on Instagram @oudah.24 and his website where you can find his socials in case you want to explore further into his other socials and can get in contact with him.