Mobile 2000 (@mobile2000)

Mobile 2000 (@mobile2000)

With advancements in technology, we get new mobile products every year. Everyone wants to update their mobiles and gadgets to the latest ones, which is why you need to visit a mobile retail store that can provide you with the latest and vastest variety. Mobile 2000 is one such premier retail company in Kuwait. The company has over 90 branches in prime locations all over the country. If you need mobile phones, accessories, or even gadgets, this retail store has it all. Providing reliable services for the past 24 years, Mobile 2000 is consumers’ number one choice for mobile shopping.

Mobile 2000 was founded in the late 1990s by its founder Mr. Hamoud Abo Adel. Mr. Hamoud had always been interested in technology, especially mobile phones. One time, he was looking for a high-end phone with a Garmin app at various locations in Kuwait. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a store that could cater to his needs. Mr. Hamoud saw a gap in the market for the latest mobile technologies and decided to take an initiative himself. With his knowledge of technology and programming, Mr. Hamoud opened Mobile 2000 which offered high-end mobile phones to its consumers at very reasonable prices. The store also decided to focus more on applications and programming services. His first store received such a positive response which lead him to diversify the localities for his company. Soon after, he kept on opening store after store in Kuwait, providing to consumer needs. Mobile 2000 also became an authorized dealer for Blackberry, offering complete services such as repairs and replacement. With the expansion of Mobile 2000 outlets, the demand and loyalty for the company grew as well. Currently, the company stands with over 90 stores all around Kuwait.

Over the years, Mobile 2000 has built itself to be one of the leading mobile phone and services providers in Kuwait. The company ensures that it is always providing high-quality products that are also affordable at the same time. Mobile 2000 also operates an online store which makes shopping easy and hassle-free. The company understands its consumer’s needs and helps them choose not just a product but a complete package which also includes a warranty for the product that you buy. The company offers lean and focused products along with sales and after-sale services that fulfill consumer needs and demands. The company has built a strong reputation for its services as well as its commitment to innovative variety, design, and project management. The company has built a great competency in procuring a wide variety of products to meet consumer needs. Mobile 2000 is connected with international suppliers who ensure that the customer gets the best possible products.

Mobile 2000 knows that its customers are its greatest assets which is why they are always placed at the highest priority. The company is very visionary with customer complaints and suggestions. Every complaint is ensured that it will be fixed and every suggestion is placed at a high value and taken very seriously. The company has won the trust of many consumers this way. The company is committed to providing the best quality products with reliable service. If you live in Kuwait and are in need of any product such as the latest iPhone, or Apple TV, or even ring lights, Mobile 2000 has it all. The company promises delivery of the best possible products, which is why it remains the first mobile outlet that you think of if you are in Kuwait.

Having made a name for itself, Mobile 2000 stands on its own now. Apart from its online and physical stores, the company also maintains a very active presence on social media outlets such as Instagram. If you are in search of the best possible deal or you want to see what is new in-store, you can find out by following the company on Instagram at @mobile2000.