Mike Sullivan (@mikewsullivan)

Mike Sullivan (@mikewsullivan)

The entrepreneur is a one-of-a-kind breed. They are imaginative, engaging, and courageous. And if you ask any entrepreneur to characterize themselves, they would almost certainly answer that it requires all of those characteristics simply to survive in this field. Individuals with the expertise, desire, and willingness to risk their own time, resources, and energy to establish and operate a firm are considered entrepreneurs. It is essential to review not just the entrepreneur’s character but also his social milieu. Entrepreneurs are created because of circumstances, not because of their focus or persistence.

Mike Sullivan, sometimes known as Sully, is one such entrepreneur on whom our piece today is based. Sullivan is an Oakland University graduate and the creator of Brand25 Media and Metro Detroit Golfers. Originally from Clarkston, Michigan, he aspired to become a professional football player, which unfortunately remained a dream; he instead went for sports media, a field he ended up loving.

While at Oakland, he interned at 97.1, where he knew he’d have a job waiting for him as soon as he graduated; this was one of the key reasons he graduated college so fast, while being the youngest in his class at the age of 20. He was pretty happy at college, he liked his major and his activities but he was most excited for what came after graduation; he was itching to turn his journalism internship into a full-time job since it seems crazy to study and do full-time reporting, Sullivan chose the option of graduating early, a means to pursue his goals he was already working towards.

Sullivan began as an assistant producer before quickly being promoted. He spent 7 years of his life at 97.1, working his way up to executive producer, a job that allowed him to form many client relationships and contacts. Sullivan decided it was time to start his own business seven years after graduating from college. Mike stated in an interview that he had always had that entrepreneurial drive, that he had always enjoyed working at 97.1 but he wanted to dive into his own thing, and that is when he founded Brand25 Media, his own media company in 2019. Mike’s goal with this foundation was to assist organizations in increasing leads and profits by maximizing their online presence by developing a customized plan for each client. Mike, as CEO, is in charge of overseeing the general operations of the organization. Delegating and guiding agendas, driving profitability, managing corporate organizational structure, strategy, and interacting with the board are all examples of responsibilities. Since people were always asking him to help with their social media, this is what he started doing at his foundation, helping and guiding people along with his partner Kyle

To say Mike Sullivan and Kyle Bogenschutz get along is an understatement. Brand25 Media is not the only thing they formed together; in 2020, they built the Metro Detroit Golfers community, which is primarily focused on the game of golf, a community that has grown to over 50,000 participants in just 2 decades. Sullivan said he never expected such rapid development, but it was of course his hard work and passion that led to his incredible achievements. Sullivan’s goal was, of course, focused on social media; he wanted to take the huge appetite for Michigan golf and create a social media community to match it.

His name appeared among 19 other young and outstanding entrepreneurs in Crain’s Detroit Business’s twenty under 20 columns, which contributed to his list of accomplishments. To people with no business expertise, being a sports businessman may appear scary and unachievable. However, Mike Sullivan might be used as an example of someone who has made a livelihood and achieved success in the sports world.