Miguel Ileto Carlos (@migueliletocarlos)

Miguel Ileto Carlos (@migueliletocarlos)

Miguel Ileto Carlos is an entrepreneur and an avid investor. He is the Founder and CEO of Fair Market Exchange, a platform that enables users to buy cryptocurrency quickly and easily. He is also the Hedge Fund Manager and Managing General Partner of M.C. Capital Ventures is a conglomerate hedge fund company. Miguel is not only a finance and crypto geek; he is also an avid social media user and currently has several accounts on different social media platforms. His Instagram account currently has 500 posts and over 5000 followers. His ventures can also be found on Instagram by @mccapitalventures and @fairmarketexchange.io.

He also has a Facebook page named Miguel Ileto Carlos, where he mostly shares his own YouTube videos. His YouTube channel going by the same name, currently has 370 subscribers, 23 videos, and a total of 5516 views. He also has a Twitter account that goes by the username @MiguelICarlos, and he’s also available on LinkedIn as Miguel Ileto Carlos.

Miguel started his career as an analyst and a banker, which pushed him towards investment and finance. He gained public attention for his innovative ideas on start-up finance. Miguel moved on from banking to venture capitalism and investment. He currently invests in technological companies and crypto. Some of his investments include Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, and bitcoin. He currently resides in California but has moved states several times before.

Miguel’s interest in digital finance and technology allowed him to gain ample knowledge on the subjects, which is why he warned everyone about a “coming technological deficit that would have economic consequences.” He is called the CryptoKing in the world of blockchain. Miguel’s work as an investor and financial entrepreneur is to eliminate the occurrence of any such technological deficits that may cause harm to the banking and investment sector as these areas hold up the economy of a place. He aims to accelerate innovation with his work by researching, identifying, and investing in technological ventures that he believes will bring about the Econo-technological revolution in the world. He also advises and guides successful companies to go in certain directions to maximize innovation and profit in order to become industry giants.

His primary organization, M.C. Capital Ventures is a hedge fund company whose main aim is to encourage investment in private companies, real estate, and blockchain/cryptocurrency. Investing in innovative ideas is the focus of this company, which perfectly aligns with Miguel’s own ideology.

Miguel believes that once cryptocurrency and blockchain are fully recognized by the masses and become standard technology, they will change the world for the better. The world of blockchain will be decentralized and safe for everyone. However, one must know how to invest and withdraw appropriately. He also believes that everyone should do their own research regarding investment instead of just following word of mouth.

Miguel also has a 6-year-old son that he holds dearly. This can be seen on his Instagram account, where he frequently posts pictures of his son engaging in adorable activities or just sleeping. Miguel is very attached to his son and says that all of his work in the finance sector is to ensure a good and healthy future for his son. He loves taking his son with him to most places and just can not stop gushing about him on his Instagram account. Miguel’s Instagram account also features his wife but not as frequently as his child. For anyone who would like to reach out to Miguel, his Instagram handle is @migueliletocarlos, and he goes by the same username on all other social media platforms as well. You can also find his work email on his Facebook page if you’re trying to professionally reach out to him.