Michael Beas – Raver Mag (@beasmichael)

Where words fail, music speaks a moto of Michael Beas. You’ve heard of Michael Beas if you like music. He is the CEO and chairman of Raver Magzine. He has around 14k followers on Instagram. His followers take inspiration from him. As he says, “Having a strong sense of purpose in whatever you choose is the path to happiness.” Michael always had a good purpose for everything he did. He had numerous highs and lows along his life’s journey. He believes that life is about making a comeback and just never surrendering, no matter what the odds are. Ones who say “you can’t do it” will always outnumber those who say “you can.” Hang out with optimistic people, and good stuff will begin to happen. So, this positive stuff must follow Michael Beas on Instagram by visiting him at @BeasMichael.

Micheal worked day and night for seven years. He develops one of the best dance music publications with his struggle. Beas has interviewed many artists throughout the years. He’s attended dozens of new dance music events throughout the world. Events like Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Week, Amsterdam Music Festival, and Electric Daisy Carnival. Michael Beas had been at the top of the game selling commercial insurance when he was 24 years old. He climbed fast through the ranks of the company. Within a few years, he had created a book of business. He was swiftly promoted inside the firm. He assisted other East Coast dealers in closing out agreements. These agreements were necessary to secure business and money for the company. He decided to retire at the age of 29 because of constant stress. After taking a break from the business world, he goes back to music. Beas found that his passion for songwriting was disappearing. He went to his first Ultra Music Festival the following season, in 2016. He knew electronic dance music was the interest he wished to continue.

Raver Magazine has had an estimated 50k page clicks each day since its beginning. It is among the world’s leading dance music journals, with over 10k published stories. Nowadays, there are 18 journalists covering events throughout the globe. Raver Magazine is an example of Michael Beas’s many accomplishments in both business and life. His life is both compelling and inspiring. He is good at publishing and attaining life objectives and music. So you should follow him for guidance.

Beas is a devoted author and reader. He has been helping writers around the world. He boosts their written articles and businesses for over sixteen years. Over 2,000 books have become hits due to his firm’s efforts. Over700 writers have become the most remarkable writers. He is a data-driven specialist in algorithms and SEO. So, Michael’s marketing strategy challenges the conventional publishing world by liberating writers.

Michael Alexander Beas is a natural entrepreneur whose goal of assist writers. He helped write related to the best electronic dance music in the world. His ambition for everything worthwhile in life distinguishes him from the crowd. The title of Top Literary Consultant in the country is an example of what people believe the future holds for Baes. Michael never forgets to spend quality time with his family despite all the work. He has also posted many pictures with his children and wife. He always admires that his wife stands with him every up and down. His boys, Michael and Alex Beas are his inspirations. Martha Bradley, his mother, instilled in him the value of entrepreneurship early. He loves his family more than anything in the world. This loving nature admires his followers more and more. For becoming a better person and a future icon must follow Michael Beas.