Michael Albee (@michael_albee)

Michael Albee (@michael_albee)

A gentleman is not defined by how much wealth he has but is described by his integrity and ability to affect people around him. If you are looking for an inspiring man, you have landed the right place. We cannot control the external environment, but we can control what’s going on inside us- yoga is the best way to do so. Michael brings light and glows into people’s lives through yoga. With more than 5k followers, a father of a teenage daughter, spending all his efforts and time on the proper upbringing of our child while achieving all his career goals is a trustworthy source of motivation. His career goals lie in being an author; not only this, but he also fully understands the concept of mindfulness and how peace is essential for us. He writes and trains people for healthy living through yoga and other activities. You can visit his profile on Instagram with his username (@michael_albee). Follow Michael Albee on Instagram.

The writer never has a vacation; his life revolves around writing or thinking about writing. For Michael, writing is simply thinking through his fingers. This amazing man is the author of Karma Kindle Edition, the book listed on amazon’s bestseller category in yoga. He is a talented writer who writes about the environment we live in, the energy and chaos we face daily, and how we respond to it. People like fiction books, but the connection is essential. Plotting something to which the reader can relate is a strong hook a writer create in his art. Michael’s books are incredibly based on science fiction, highlighting critical social issues such as suicide, drug addiction, mental and physical health, lightheartedness, etc. If you want to read these topics, check out his book but don’t forget to follow him on Instagram.

Our mind is like a parachute; if it doesn’t open, it doesn’t work. Our minds shape our lives; we should be there totally wherever we are. Yoga and other activities help us make our minds relaxed and free from all the worries. Michael is a yoga teacher who teaches mindfulness activities. He thinks yoga helps in keeping us healthy physically and mentally. It’s not essential to have the same energy every day, some days are energetic, and some days you need flexibility. For Michael, yoga is meant to be fun and the idea of trying something new every day. Research shows mindfulness has multiple benefits for our body, it reduces overthinking, and stress improves focus, consideration, and memory. It also plays a role in improving our relationship satisfaction. Looking for yoga inspiration? Follow Michael Albee on Instagram.

You must be wondering how this man takes out time for his family despite working on different projects. For this man, his family comes first. He has a teenage daughter, no matter the situation and how busy he is. He always takes out time for her daughter. They share every success, happiness, and sorrow. The love between a father and a daughter is forever. For every daughter, her father is the source of inspiration and her first love. For Michael’s daughter, her father is a superhero who taught her the actual value of life. Follow Michael on Instagram and enjoy cute posts with his daughter.

Pets are more loyal and caring than humans. They are the living example that proves love doesn’t need any language; it is represented through actions and emotions. Michael is fond of having a pet; he has a dog and a cat. For him, the cat is an easy pet; it doesn’t need spoiling or looking after as compared to a dog. Dog sometimes gets angry when he doesn’t get enough attention. Follow Michael to see his cute bond with his pets.