Mexihanas Hibachi Grill

Mexihanas Hibachi Grill

Food is much more than just a source of nutrition and sustenance. Food is a form of social currency. Food is the anchor holding society together. It creates a connection between our beliefs, our ethnicity, our individual cultures, and our cultural heritage.  On a larger scale than most people realize, food is not just a part of a culture it is the definition of culture.  On an individual level, we grow up eating the food of our cultures. It becomes a part of who each of us is. Many of us associate food from our childhood with warm feelings and good memories and it ties us to our families, holding a special and personal value for us. Food from our family often becomes the comfort food we seek as adults in times of frustration and stress.

Mexihanas Hibachi Grill is a hibachi grill located in long beach California that was founded for the sole purpose of feeding people quality food and leaving customers satisfied. Hibachi is a traditional form of Japanese cooking which involves the roasting of veggies and meat over a charcoal-powered grill.  This style of grilling gives the food a unique smoky flavour. The tender and juicy meats along with the grilled veggies make for a perfectly adequate meal. Compared to other forms of cooking hibachi is a much healthier option due to its limited use of grease and oil.

The owner, Martin being a father of five children knows all about feeding a family. The folks over at Mexihanas Hibachi grill treat their customers as if they were their own family. The restaurant went from being a pop-up to a regular fixture at Martin Luther King Jr Avenue in just under a year. Its bolt in popularity is no stroke of luck. Martin and his executive chef Jose have put hours of work into establishing this restaurant as a routine spot for foodies. Their carefully crafted menu is filled with mouth-watering dishes that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more. The restaurant is a melting pot of different cultures, flavors, and cooking. From the Japanese-inspired cooking style to the mouth-watering surf and turf combos to the scrumptiously juicy grilled chicken. And who can forget about their special yum yum sauce.

Only at Mexihanas Hibachi grill can you find such a beautiful melody of flavors. The restaurant should be on the radar of all food lovers. At Mexihanas Hibachi grill you will only be served perfection, there is no room for average in Martin’s kitchen. The consistency in quality has allowed Mexihanas Hibachi grill to acquire a large number of regular customers. Martin has never compromised the standard of food served at his restaurant, this sort of honesty with customers has allowed Martin to expand Mexihanas hibachi grill from just a pop-up food place to a full-fledged restaurant.

Mexihanas Hibachi Grill has gained acclamation from many celebrities such as professional boxer Ryan Garcia who is more popularly known as King Ryan and cholofitcreeper. Martin was also paid a visit by the popular comedian George Lopez, who had great things to say about the food at Mexihanas grill.

Martin has a heart just as tender as his Angus steaks. He loves to help out his community. Martin is the perfect example of not letting success get to his head. Martin continues to stay humble and grateful. He always remembers to give back to the community and people that enabled him to follow his dream.

The job of feeding people comes with great responsibility. The perfect meal can turn someone’s day around. Martin founded Mexihanas Hibachi Grill to remind people of what food can be. Food means comfort, food means entertainment, and most importantly food means family and friends. If you want to keep up with Martin’s mission of keeping foodies satisfied, give his Instagram a follow @mexihanashibachigrill you can also visit their website