Mel Azul (@sleepstylist)

Mel Azul (@sleepstylist)

According to a study, more than one-third of people say that they cannot sleep well. It is a known fact that adults need a minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep each night but the reality is that most adults do not end up sleeping that much which results in feeling restless and unhealthy. This behaviour prevailing might mean that a person is suffering from a sleep disorder such as insomnia and that they should seek help from professionals so not only they can sleep better but also live a healthier lifestyle.

Professionals in this department are sleep coaches who help a patient recognize a sleep disorder and also treat them. One such professional is Mel Azul, also known as the Sleep Stylist on Instagram. Mel helps her clients by providing them with sleep tips and inspiration so that they can handle their insomnia, jet lag and sleep apnoea better. Mel achieves this in a lot of different ways. She recognizes that not every person dealing with difficulties with their sleep may not require medical help so she offers holistic coaching on how to sleep better. She is also known as the sleep speaker and consultant to whom one can figure out how to sleep better after seeking advice from her.

One may believe that services like sleep consultations may be on the pricier end of the cost spectrum however Mel rejects that entirely! She believes in good sleep being accessible to every person. To make her services accessible, Mel offers the option to book a free of cost fifteen-minute consultation call with her where the client can confide and explain their individual concerns with sleep and receive help from Mel.

Even if one decides not to take the free consultation session with Mel, they would still benefit immensely from her Instagram page. There, she shares regular tips and resources for anyone trying to learn how they can sleep better. It is a well-known fact that one of the easy ways to sleep are sleeping pills that Mel writes are something that Americans spend more than forty billion dollars on. While it may seem like an easy solution, the long-term determination to bringing consistency is the correct method to fix sleeplessness according to Mel. Short-term fixes like sleeping pills would not solve the problem in the long-term.

Mel also debunks a lot of common myths and misconceptions of ways to sleep better. One of the ones that she has talked about is how beddings change how one sleeps. In a lot of advertisements, it is common for them to brag about how thread counts in beddings help in sleeping better. According to Mel, this is false. It is more important to look at how one’s body reacts to the bed. If your body loves the bed, you will sleep better despite its thread count.

In a field like this, it is incredibly important that one remains realistic that one-day fixes are simply not real even though modern-day marketing may lead one to believe otherwise. Mel writes that even though she, herself, is a sleep coach, she is not a hundred per cent in control of how she sleeps. As life has up and downs for all of us, they are bound to affect how one’s body functions. In times like these where one feels out of control, Mel writes that it is important to remember that one is always in control of one’s attitude despite how many wrong turns one’s life takes them to. Finding one’s happy place helps to make the day brighter and eventually help with sleep.

One can be a part of Mel’s growing number of followers seeking a better sleep pattern by following her on her Instagram page at the handle @sleepstylist. One can also book a free fifteen-minute consultation session with her by following the link on her page.