Mehmet Ihlasi

Mehmet Ihlasi

Creating art requires having an extremely sharp eye for details and a creative mind that allows you to interpret the world and what you see with a different and unconventional lens. Interpretation and unconventional visualization can become a very important crutch for people who wish to go into the arts, because imitating does not get you far outside the realistic and imitative forms of art. For these reasons, thinking outside the box and expanding your horizons to how you view the world is vital, and if mastered, can allow an artist to reach unprecedented heights in their career. Especially since the lines or art have been blurred and everything from painting, drawing, jewelry making, stitching, embroidering, is considered art, one has to be a cut above the others to stand out in a world full of artists.

Producing art then transferring it onto other mediums is another skill that requires immense control and the ability to create a design that will look good on mediums other than canvases and prints. An artist that has, over time, gracefully risen to become a maestro in his craft is Mehmet Ihlasi. Based in Dubai, Ihlasi, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the finest designers in the game right now, with a handle over conceptual art that is leagues about the rest. By profession, Ihlasi is an interior architect and designer. By passion, however, he is a visionary who sees the world through a different lens from most, craving a future that is functional and demonstrative of foundational art and modern art movements.

Vehemently curious about the future of interior design and its integration with technology, Ihlasi explores a prospective world where technology will make living “smarter” and easier. His field of interest is with Smart Homes, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D printing, Minimalism, and Sustainability. As an artist, Ihlasi realizes that the direction the world has been going in is not favorable if we are to sustain a large population, which has pushed his interest and zeal in this direction – living sustainably with flair. Knowing this wasn’t a fleeting idea, Ihlasi dedicated time and energy into research and ended up publishing articles under this niche so he can inform other people about the need of the hour.

Not being afraid of a challenge, Ihlasi tackles all his projects with only one thing on his mind – satisfaction. He has a very careful, detail-oriented approach to his designs and is famous for executing his work with unmatched professionalism and technique. His love for design and integrating it into living carried him from being an interior architect to dabble in the world of textile. Designing rugs, that are integral in bringing feelings that are warm and homey, has been something Ihlasi has been interested in for a while now. Unsurprisingly, his rugs took off and found themselves a home in many people’s houses. With designs that are conceptual, abstract, and contemporary, they convey his ideas of spaces that are more modern very eloquently.

Ihlasi’s Instagram profile is nothing short of an art gallery itself, exhibiting his gorgeous designs and rugs, with a hint of his travel pictures as well. It is no surprise that a man of such high creative capacities, he loves to travel to gain exposure and inspiration. His color palettes, patterns, and ideas are all representative of that as they become colorful and conceptual fodder for any visitor of his profile. His bio shows off the hashtag #designhappiness which is a perfectly encompasses his design philosophy and what he wishes to bring to the table with his art and thought process.

His art, especially his rugs, are featured on numerous art websites and seller pages. With multiple already sold and some being aggressively bid on, Ihlasi is not letting his talent go to waste. To feast your eyes, follow him on both his profiles, @Ihlasivelit and @velitihlasi.