Medusa J. (@medusajofficial)

 In all the chaos of life, music is therapy, and for those who are looking for such an escape in life, Medusa J is their safe place. He is an emerging talent with around 300 Instagram followers and 100 Tik Tok followers. He is a gifted Rapper/Songwriter who is stealing hundreds of souls with his soulful voice and heart touching lyrics for years. There’s no going back once you start listening to him. His music has a way of pouring into every single corner of your being, bringing up long-forgotten memories and sculpting your emotions. So, what are you holding out for? Follow him right away.

 Music, they say, is melodic to the ears but calming to the soul. I bet this is the first thing that’ll come to your mind when you listen to Medusa. Music and words complement one another to work together to co-create one experience, an experience that would be incomplete if one component was lacking. Medusa is an expert in creating unique melodies and writing perfect lyrics. His wordplay is an art in itself. When these skills are combined with his beautiful voice, it can make anyone crazy in seconds. Medusa was born in Cardiff in 1997. He is a self-made rapper who is expected to become an emerging star over the following years. Medusa’s debut single, “An That,” was released in October 2019 and immediately captured hundreds of hearts. Following that, several songs were released back-to-back, such as “About a year ago,” “Cruel World,” “Come Too Far,” “New in the Game,” and so on, in his album “Living right”. You’re only one step away from being a fan of Medusa. You can also find his pleasing voice on Spotify and Shazam.

 People who like listening to rap are not listening to music but the words. Those words are a reflection of their own lives and experiences. Rap has a certain allure to it. It links and binds you to the music. This is how most people react when they hear the name Medusa. His voice and lyrics have an effect on you that nothing else has. He intends to work on some unconventional ideas and pledges to provide his supporters with something remarkable in the future. He pays close attention to every element that contributes to his individuality. His zeal inspires his fans to sing and create songs in his honour with these characteristics. The best part is his wonderful rhyme. His background music beats generate an ambience that his listeners may adore the song’s tempo. If you’re a rap lover, Medusa is your voice! Follow him right now.

 In addition to singing, Medusa has been spotted in several of his Instagram posts as a car enthusiast. Back in 2019, he posted on Instagram about purchasing his dream automobile, a Mercedes A35 AMG. Owning your new automobile is a thrilling and emotional experience. The sound of an engine, driving and the sense of satisfaction from working on a car and then utilising it are all beautiful experiences. Surely car lovers can relate. And you would be amazed to see the amount of love Medusa holds for cars. Check on his Instagram!

 Medusa is undeniably an encouragement to young people afraid to show off their talents. Because those who test their innate potential are more likely to achieve, he encourages his followers to pursue music as a hobby. Nobody can stop you from attaining your goals if you set them for yourself. Being self-assured and trusting in your value is essential for reaching your full potential. As an example, consider Medusa. It will be an arduous journey for him, but his devotion and passion for music will propel him to greatness. Follow Medusa and send him your best wishes to continue to inspire the youngsters!