Matz Voskamp

Matz Voskamp

Matz Voskamp is an independent Dutch singer who has expertise in various genres of music such as rap, acoustic, and alternative as well. His songs are fiery, funk, hip-hop, and have strong lyrics. His songs take the listener to another dimension, occupying the mind and heart towards the brilliant vibes of the music. It is the type of music that sends you into a daze and prompts you to listen more. Although Matz is only beginning his career, yet his music has taken the youth by the storm. Everyone wants to hear more of what he can write and sing. The best part of his gift is that he is bilingual, thus he can sing in English and Dutch both. His music paves a way for people to find an escape and let the soothing hip music take off the stress to another place.

Matz started his career by producing many songs himself until 2020 when his official music was released publicly. In 2020, he released ‘Pouring again’ with an official music video that displayed his true talent of producing, writing and filming videos. Since then, he has continued to come out with multiple music videos and songs with no end in sight. His hardworking personality and determination to develop great art have attracted many devoted fans towards his career. He has worked with many emerging and established artists such as Pjotr, Mcsnelle, and Dylanostruyck. Matz also has collaborated with new filmmakers such as ‘daan_filmt’. Matz is the reflection of the ambitious youth of modern times, all his collaborations are with young teenagers and artists building their careers along with helping others establish themselves. The music industry is a vast and complex one and the competition is high, thus seeing young budding individuals come up with impressive work is inspiring. They are also smart, generous marketers who know working together will bring them more success in the market as independent artists.     

Matz is a celebrity in the growing world of Tiktok. His fans on Tiktok exceed 290 thousand, and they keep growing with every song he releases. He posts songs, jokes and composes different covers in videos, and undoubtedly, his fanbase loves him. In the contemporary generation, Tiktok is the future of creators. It is not only an app for lip-syncing; it is where multiple famous creators have launched and marketed their entire work. Matz used Tiktok as a platform to build his audience that has a taste for his music and connects to it on a greater level. It is not a surprise that the fellow teens of Matz loved his music and became his supporters. He has 5 million likes on his Tiktok profile, and Matz is now headed to introduce his skills on other platforms as well.

Matz is on Instagram with nearly 12 thousand followers, that eagerly wait for his announcements of new music videos and projects. Matz’s page on Instagram is new, but it’s growing steadily, just like his career. He has released entire songs on Instagram due to quarantine in the corona pandemic, giving his song out to listen for free. His love for making music is evident from the people he surrounds in life. Matz belongs to a loving family and is supported by lovely friends. His Instagram is an insight into his talented capable vocals. The profile includes Tiktok videos of his songs in Dutch and English so that a diverse range of people can be engaged in his work. He also uploads cover songs regularly such as Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘driver license’. His new song ‘Rose Scent’ is also coming up on 23rd April 2021! Matz is an inspiration for all young artists who want to build their careers in music and express their art to the world. No age can define an individual’s success, and Matz shows dreams can be achieved if one continues to keep working and stay true to one’s soul.

Matz is a responsive and charming artist as he is always ready to talk to his followers if they need advice or their queries answered. He can be contacted on various platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and his official email for booking and purchase of albums. His Snapchat username is ‘matzvoskamp9102’, TikTok is ‘matzvoskamp21′, and his Instagram can be accessed with the following name, ‘matzvoskamp’.