Matt Grieve (@_mattgrieve_)

Matt Grieve (@_mattgrieve_)

For a lot of children, their future is decided for them the moment they show an inkling of interest towards something and excel at it. This decision of their future can be in regards to their education, their career prospects, sometimes even the people they marry. For most, these imposed decisions become their unfortunate reality, which they can choose to change for the better or leave it as it is to see how life takes course. Being a defeatist in the face of unfavorable circumstances is always a personal decision, but sometimes going against it and making a choice for yourself can prove to be the most fruitful thing one can do for themselves. Such was the case with Matt Grieve, who decided to take his future into his own hands and walk away from the path set for him.

Matt is an individual who sees beauty in simple, minimal, yet refined things. This is visible in the career path he set his mind to and walked on till he was eventually met with success. Wanting people to live in beauty and comfort is what Matt does for a living, but in simpler terms, he is the founder of a Brisbane-based construction company called Frameology Constructions. In the apt suburbs of Brisbane where the company operates, the specialization of Frameology lies in the creation of custom homes, kitchen renovations, and house extensions. According to the founder himself, they treat each project as if it was being done in their own house, which is a bold statement that one doesn’t hear from business owners often nowadays. “As a company, we work to create a luxurious, sleek, and simplistic living. This can take shape in many different forms depending on client taste,” says Matt, clearly a cooperative and smart business owner, and creative who works closely with the taste and aesthetic sense of the people he works with. One thing that he believes sets his company apart from others is that he chooses to see the client’s vision and execute it with as much professionalism and sophistication as he can without the imposition of his own ideas and this fares much better than overwhelming a client with your own ideas or suggestions.

Matt has solid backing for the business from his partner Candice, who reinforces Frameology with her knowledge and experience in real estate and mortgage broking. Having a history of past property investments, she is more than acquainted with the world of real estate and construction and adds her valuable support to help Matt in equal proportions.

Unsurprisingly, Matt is a man of many talents as his skills don’t just begin and end with being the owner of a construction company. His Instagram (@_mattgrieve_) showcases his life behind his role as founder of Frameology, where one scroll is enough to know that he is also a model. With a job like that comes the responsibility of always being in your best shape and state, meaning Matt is meticulous about his body and health as well, not just his construction projects, though we do see how they come together to solidify his discipline.

When he isn’t training to sculpt himself into the best version of himself or leading projects, he loves playing with his dog Laska and spending time with his partner Candice. His playful and relaxed Instagram feed reflects on his easy-going personality and how approachable he is, and with a set of character traits like that, it comes as no surprise how well his business does, as well as how balanced he is in his everyday life.