Mary Herz (@maryherz_official)

Mary Herz (@maryherz_official)

Fashion is an expression of one’s character. Not a necessary one but it cannot be denied that one’s outlook and manner of dressing is the first thing people notice about a person. Each individual has a separate way of expressing themselves and for some people, fashion is their world. The impact of a well-put-together outfit is undeniable. Fashion enthusiasts and designers base their careers on the beautiful different forms of everyday fashion as well as high fashion. Coming up with new designs, new styles, and creative ideas is no easy task. This is why we need experts of aestheticism to set guidelines to lead us in a better direction. Mary Herz is not just a fashion enthusiast, but also a designer who is versatile, original, and trendy with her designs.

Mary Herz is the owner and pioneer of Mary Herz boutique, a fashion brand that aims at providing high quality and luxurious fashion at prices that are much more affordable. The collection includes a variety of beautiful dresses, handbags, shoes, and sunglasses. These designs are fresh and fabulous, you won’t find them just anywhere. The boutique and showroom are located in Hialeah, Florida, and have a high rating given by everyone who visits. Once you walk into the store, you will be greeted by an attentive staff who have a keen eye and are trained to find you the items that suit your personality and desires in the best possible way and offer personal styling tips. All the pieces are made with the most high-quality material and stand out when they are worn. Just one experience of visiting the Mary Herz boutique can shift one’s perspective of fashion completely. One realizes that these people are truly passionate about their work and hence the respect for them also increases tenfold.

If you look into the designs, they are all beautiful and look like they were taken out of a luxury fashion magazine. When one looks at the prices, one is left in awe. Mary’s personal style can be described as chic, colorful, and floral. She is a master of putting together the perfect accessories and you will never catch her overly dressed. Her sense of style is immaculate and it is no wonder that someone like her could be a mastermind and CEO behind a boutique that is known for its visually pleasing designs.

She is a mother and a wife and prides herself on her family values. She has built her empire and has done so not only for herself but for her family as well. A scroll through her Instagram account reveals that she is someone who appreciates and loves her family with great passion and that being a successful designer and businesswoman is equally important to her as being a mother and wife. Women like her, who balance a career along with family life are admirable beyond belief. The term “girl boss” can be used to describe Mary. She is strong, smart, bold, and confident. Not only this, but she has built a platform for herself to help others achieve their most confident selves through fashion.

Mary’s hobbies include traveling and touring. She has a deep wanderlust and loves visiting beautiful new places. She makes sure to share her travel stories with her followers. Travelling can be a healing thing for many. And someone like Mary who leads a very busy and proactive lifestyle, a vacation once in a while is extremely refreshing. She keeps herself occupied with other multiple interesting hobbies, she enjoys horseback riding, music, photography, and holding small parties and events. She is a bright, vibrant soul who strives to spread happiness and good vibes.

Mary hopes to grow her business and to branch out into multiple new sectors. She started off as a women’s boutique but recently she has incorporated a men’s collection under her brand as well. Other than this she is also a partner of Goli Gummy, a vegan and gluten-free apple cider vinegar gummy with numerous health benefits. We believe one day soon in the future, Mary Herz is bound to become a big name in the fashion industry.