Martin Toe (@iammartintoe)

Martin Toe (@iammartintoe)

Everyone loves listening to music. Music lets you transcend into a different world where you can escape the trouble of your everyday life. Most music is relatable and makes you feel like you are not alone in this world. With such importance of music in people’s lives, artists dedicate their lives in order to produce music that everyone can listen to and enjoy. Martin Toe is one such artist who has made quite a name for himself in the music industry. Martin’s music is not just full of raw energy, but his undaunted lyrics manage to capture the hearts of many people. Martin has many fans across the world who love and support his music.

Martin Toe was born and raised in Concord, New Hampshire. Ever since he was young, he displayed immense musical talent. He was then pushed by his friends and family to pursue music professionally. Taking inspiration from his African roots, Martin decided to enter the world of hip hop and pop. With his melodious voice, Martin was soon able to reach new heights of fame that he had never even imagined. People started recognizing his talents and soon he was able to establish himself as a professional artist.

During his lifetime, Martin had also survived the Ivorian and Liberian civil war. This civil war may have greatly changed the fate of the two countries, but it also affected Martin greatly. Martin firsthand experienced the loss and hurt of his loved ones. During the civil war, Martin saw so many injustices happening which also gave him war trauma. However, despite facing the worst times, he knew that a bright future was ahead of him. After the war, Martin was driven with passion as he sought out to become the voice of his generation. Out of respect for the people that suffered through the civil war, Martin decided to become a change-maker in this harsh world. With his music, Martin wants to empower the youth. He wants them to embrace empathy before anything else.

Martin has a wide range of discography that he can add to his credit. He has released numerous successful EPs including “Direction”, “Unblemished”, and many more. His singles “Mercy”, “Plenty”, and “Benefit” are fan favorites. His music has always been able to speak to the masses and many even compare his work to that of Maya Angelou. Martin has always been able to challenge oppressors with his music and he urges his listeners to do the same. Anyone who listens to his music is able to relate to it, as the music captures the heart and soul of the listeners. His latest album “Civic Leader” is his passion project which has received many international claims and acknowledgments. This album is especially being made for those who feel that their truth is being ignored. This album will offer them support and will provide them with relatable content.

Martin has the ability to communicate well with different audiences as he keeps them engaged with his talents. Through his lyrics, he aims to educate people about different social issues. Not only that, but he has also written a book called “America Calls to Me: The Story of a Refugee Boy’s Journey”. His book talks about the issues faced by refugees in America. Using his strong wording, Martin evokes emotions among his many readers. Apart from writing his own book, Martin has also been published in numerous magazines that refer to him as an influential voice in society.

While many people use music to entertain, Martin has dedicated his talent to bring about a social change in the country. Martin believes that he is more than music.  Many people praise Martin for this purpose. When he is not busy singing about social issues, Martin can be seen active on Instagram where he not only promotes music but also lets his fans in his life. For more updates, people can follow him on Instagram at “@iammartintoe”.