Marlo Nicole (@msmarlonicole)

Marlo Nicole (@msmarlonicole)

Words may end but the escapades and accomplishments of Ms. Marlo NIcole do not. It’s extremely difficult to put a woman like Marlo Nicole into a box, someone who has accomplished so much in such little time and continues to expand her horizons. Marlo Nicole is all about the grind, she doesn’t sit around and procrastinate about things, she gets up and does them. Marlo has a very do-or-die type of attitude towards her life, she believes when an opportunity knocks at your door embrace it with arms wide open.  Don’t let fear take over your future. Every chance you don’t take is a step backward. Marlo lives to seize the moment, she promotes the sermon of hard work and growth. Marlo Nicole is truly an exceptional personality, an all-out enigma that is redefining what it means to be an African American woman in the 21st century.

Marlo Nicole has been able to gain respect and acclamation in every field she has ever stepped in. Early on in her life, Ms. Marlo realized that she had an appetite for the finer things in life. She understood that no 9 to 5 job, even a high-paying one, could be able to satisfy her hunger for success and all the great things that came with it. This is why she focused on building her very own empire. Marlo started to dapple in entrepreneurship at a very young age. As a woman of color, it wasn’t easy for  Marlo to gain footing in the corporate world, but she did not give up, Marlo Nicole is a fighter, she faced every challenge head-on, learned from her mistakes, and is now a highly respected member of the business community. Over the years Ms. Marlo has been involved in a number of businesses. From being a restauranteur to real estate investment. She has also owned an insurance agency and a travel agency. The list could keep going on but the gist of the matter is that whatever Marlo Nicole has been involved in, she succeeded at it. To Marlo anything short of perfect is unacceptable. This is the attitude that has allowed her to defy all the odds and fulfill her dreams.

Marlo became interested in stock investment at a young age. Like most things Marlo had to teach herself how the stock market worked and how she could benefit from it. Marlo observed that the people around her. Even those with well-paying jobs were struggling to fund their retirement. Marlo Nicole clearly understood that she needed a disposable income in order to secure her future which is why she started to invest in the stock market. The profits did not come in instantly but Nicole kept learning and eventually was able to make sizable profits from her investments.

For as long as she can remember, Marlo Nicole has been a people lover. She has always had a keen interest in helping out others. As a young woman, Marlo volunteered for many charitable organizations. She also explored opportunities to help out law enforcement. After establishing herself as a successful businesswoman, Marlo wanted to do something for other aspiring entrepreneurs. She wanted to be able to give the advice she wished she would’ve gotten when she was trying to find footing in the corporate world which is why Marlo started her podcast “Business Bullish”. With the help of this platform, Marlo has been able to share her experiences in the corporate world with her audience. She gives advice on ways to establish a business, handle finances and solve the different problems that arise when trying to run a business.  In addition to this, she also runs a blog on her website where she tackles different issues regarding business. She currently owns 7 companies in California and spends a lot of time mentoring other entrepreneurs on achieving success in business.

Marlo Nicole is more than just an entrepreneur, she is a story for the ages. She is an inspiration for people all over the world, Marlo didn’t give up just because she had it a little rough, she just worked a little harder than others. If you want to keep up with Marlo Nicole follow her Instagram @msmarlonicole.