Mark Shawzin (@the_pattern_trader)

Mark Shawzin (@the_pattern_trader)

Mark Shawzin is the founder of ‘The Pattern Trader’ and famous for being an expert in the analysis of Future and Forex exchanges. His company specializes in the usage of scientific techniques and strategies to determine sales in the market. His trading tactics are widely appreciated and in demand to be heard by many students. Mark has worked for many reputable companies such as Goldman Sachs, EF Hutton, and Oppenheimer & Co Mark. He is a coach, trading advisor, price action analyst and is proficient in forex signals and the management of forex accounts.

Mark has work experience of over thirty-five years dealing with affluent clients and trading in the market for them. Mark’s past struggles highlight the intriguing and honest personality he possesses with his strong desire to teach and train others to become brilliant traders and analysts. The Pattern Trader displays his will to benefit others and create a platform where students and professionals can access his lectures. The Pattern Trader has many mediums, such as Instagram, a website, various programs, and a YouTube channel. All mediums have different materials and offer an insight into the trading world.

The official website of ‘The pattern Trader’ proposes multiple programs and formulas along with applications for the strategic plans. The strategic plan includes the four steps that have been tested and verified by published journals. However, that is not the only opportunity the website promises; it also includes the application for the price action strategy. This strategy aids in analysing charts and determined prices of the forex, stock, and assets market assuring an effective outcome. The website also has a blog and a case studies section that gives insight into Mark’s life and analytical skills. Marks also has a book that is the perfect guide to the Wallstreet work-life and can be adopted by any trader in the industry. The Freedom Trader’s Playbook reveals the secrets of the great Mark Shawzin and the five steps that are needed to excel in the trading system. Mark has illustrated his tactics by identifying and studying the patterns of the markets to increase profits at the maximum level. The best part is that the book’s sale is also going to a childhood cancer organization. The double the profits, the more money charity receives as well.

The Pattern Trader also includes live sittings with Mark himself guiding and engaging the client. Mark brings life to his pledged tactics by having a four-day session that covers practical applications of his strategies in person. Mark’s session grants an individual the opportunity to see the visual demonstrations of the famous strategy. Live trading gives a chance to people to engage and ask questions from Mark improving their knowledge.
The Pattern Trader’s official YouTube channel is another platform that focuses on building skills with lectures. Mark utilizes YouTube as a gateway for people to learn more about trading and updates about the shifting dynamics for free. Mark’s gifted articulation produces gripping ten-minute videos that give advice and detailed experiences. These videos are helpful to learning pupils and other traders who are seeking to develop their skills. The channel has more than 14 thousand subscribers, and the views and numbers keep increasing daily.

All of the mediums above can be obtained through the Pattern trader’s linktree that is listed below. Mark’s career in trading symbolizes his true essence; a giver. He is famous for his original approaches, which he now teaches others and gives them lessons to better their work. He learned the trick to the art and now expands it by blessing his students and other professionals. His success does not end with him and transfers to all the others he has impacted in his life through his work. He is an approachable person and his Instagram shows his humble demeanour. If you want to follow Mark and gather updates about the stock markets then follow his Instagram by the username ’the_pattern_trader’.