Maria Cini (@mariaciniviolinist)

Maria Cini (@mariaciniviolinist)

Residing in the Island of Malta, Maria Cini has become a prominent musical star within the industry after being an ever-present force of the past fourteen years. A free spirit, Maria has always been one to seek out adventure in search of new experiences all her life, her portfolio of talents including dancing, singing, social media influencer and her most celebrated gift of playing the violin – Maria is not one to shy away from trying something new.

Sporting over five thousand followers on Instagram (@mariaciniviolinist), Maria’s venture into the world of social media influencers has become just another one of her long list of accomplishments. The artist uses the platform not only to promote her career outside of social media but her passion to connect with others has naturally led to her utilizing this new-found voice in lifting up others, especially during the trying times of the pandemic. Cini’s optimism only adds to her magnetic attraction, her ever-positive view on life has been a refreshing respite for many a person.

Adding to her inclination towards the positive, Maria is always sure to include her followers in for the ride. Her Instagram is filled with stories that provide her fans with the highlights of her life – from her love for food and a good party, and her trips around the globe to her ever-growing violin career – Cini makes sure her fans feel as much a part of her exciting life as anyone. Similarly, having recently achieved the milestone of gaining over six thousand followers on her Facebook, the young influencer has not been shy in sharing her happiness with her followers – collaborating through giveaways in a show of solidarity during the pandemic with small businesses and expressing her gratitude towards her fans.

Speaking of careers, Maria has been practicing within the music industry via her violin performances since grade six. Ambitious since childhood, the young woman has climbed the ladder to prominence throughout the Island of Malta – going on to collaborate with multiple independent artists and DJs or performing solo shows at high-end restaurants even during the pandemic. Adding to her already exceptional repertoire, Maria has recently joined into the singing scene; blessing her followers’ ears with yet another musical flavor. You can catch up with her latest singing endeavors on her Instagram and Spotify (Maria Cini).

Keeping with her optimistic attitude, Maria spent the better part of the pandemic last year not only participating in Malta’s Got Talent and spreading her talents on national television, but also through the streets of Malta, where she organized a live fundraising event on her birthday in aid of ‘Dar Tal-Providenza’ and raised €1,700. Moreover, playing for the elderly who were locked up in their homes during the height of the pandemic and most susceptible to the disease, their appreciation was evident through their dance – the sight of which was enough to make the musician cry tears of joy.

Maria has also been vocal in her advocacy of body positivity. Expressing the trials and tribulations she went through in the process of loving herself, Maria makes sure her audience knows that self-love is a process. She does not stop there though. The young musician makes sure her audience sees her journey – from her accepting herself to improving her lifestyle, Cini wants her fans to see that being healthy is not just about exercise. The musician expresses how dancing made her not only feel more confident about herself and her lessons but also in the time she dedicates to herself. She hopes people see that taking care of yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore, but it should be fun.

It should come as no surprise then, that this charismatic young musician has been so successful in everything she does. Living life by the motto of “The more you believe in yourself, the more you can trust yourself”; the young woman has never been afraid to follow her heart with everything she’s got.