Marcus Powell (@da_real_pre)

Marcus Powell (@da_real_pre)

This article introduces you to a young, energetic, dynamic, multi-talented, and multi-dimensional person whose name is Marcus Powell.

Marcus Powell is widely and popularly identified as Pree. He hails from Paris. He hosts events dealing with cars, family events, and promo parties. He has been the most famous host and people appreciate the way he hosts the event. That’s why he has received a lot of recognition in his field of work. The secret behind his growing popularity is that he besides trusting himself believes in working and striving hard. Pree is well aware of the fact that without endeavoring, one fails to achieve what one wants. That’s why he has always been burning the midnight oil to achieve his most cherished goals and attain a brighter future. He has been a man of commitment who can do wonders and astonish the people around him. He has yet a lot to do and much to achieve for which he is firmly determined and always keeps his spirit high. Besides he has always been passionate about knowing and learning new things.  He avails himself of and knows how to make most of every opportunity. What and where Pree is today is just because of his firm dedication, sincerity, commitment, and most importantly his family’s support for him. For his father, he remarks,

“My father has been there for me since day one that’s why I am so grateful to have him in my life. Moreover, my father is always there when I need him and I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have him in my life”. 

Undoubtedly Pree’s father has always played a significant role in his life by supporting his decision to do what he always wanted to do. He keeps encouraging and motivating him. That’s the reason Pree is very much close to his father who has been his best friend too. Besides, his family for him has always been above everything. He loves being with and spending his quality time with his loving and caring parents, brothers, and sisters.

In addition to this, Pree believes in being an open and broad-minded person who never falls prey to conservatism and pessimism. His positivity keeps him to stay focused on the positive and happier aspects of life. He has never been found worried, demotivated, depressed, and distracted from his path to successful journey just because of his optimistic attitude towards life. He always hopes for the best and wishes to find the light even in the dark. Owing not to have a pessimistic lifestyle, he avoids being with negative-minded people and he also does not lend his ear to the negative voices around him. Furthermore, Pree is fond of playing sports especially Basketball. He has always been a good player of Basketball. Because of playing a game, he has been able to keep himself fit and has an athletic body. His personality has always been influencing and lifestyle; impressive.

Apart from this, Pree is a very cheerful person who knows how to enjoy and make every moment of his life memorable. He is a highly social and friendly person who cherishes social events and gatherings with his friends. Additionally, Pree is also fond of going out and loves finding his peace of mind when he is surrounded by the beauty of nature. In order to explore the natural beauty, he keeps traveling to different parts of the world. Despite being busy, he has learned how to manage his professional and domestic life. He also remains active on a social media platform like Instagram where he has been able to garner 21.3K followers. He has been an inspiring personality for all the youngsters around him. That’s why the number of his fans and followers is increasing with each passing day. More can be learned about this fascinating personality if he is followed on his Instagram account, the link to which is given below.