Marcus Flowers (@slicktalkinmark)

Marcus Flowers (@slicktalkinmark)

Music is a sublime art. It is a creative outlet for many and it also provides a way to escape from our mundane, everyday lives. For some people, music is their whole lives. Melodies, tunes, lyrics, and beats are their oxygen and their whole life and mindset revolve around creating music. They can either do this for themselves; keeping their creativity to themselves, or they could polish and arrange these tracks and release them to the world. This way, anyone who feels the same is free to find comfort in those songs and interpret them in their own way. Musicians, songwriters, and rappers work day and night to perfect and release the music they make.

One such artist is Marcus Flowers. Better know by his rapper alias Slicktalkin Mark. Mark grew up being inspired and influenced by some of the great names in the rap industry. After listening to their music so much he realized that he wanted to try and make music of his own too. As a teenager, Marcus started writing his own lyrics. He says that he had a lot of beats and rhymes in his head that he didn’t know how to pen down. But gradually, he started trusting himself more and started jotting down his lyrics. He filled a whole little diary with everything he could think of. Then came the task of recording these songs. Since Mark didn’t own a studio, this was going to be a difficult task.

By this time Mark started expanding his social circle and interacting with people who had the same interests as him. They looked at some of his work and were incredibly impressed. Mark’s lyrics were inspired by everything starting from his daily life to his relationships with other people, as well as his dreams and aspirations.

Sometime later, he met someone who guided him more about music and how Mark should proceed towards his dreams. This man who is now Mark’s producer is named Kain Fowler. He recognized Mark’s potential and decided to take him under this wing. This was the turning point in Mark’s career as a rapper. What was only a dream and a fantasy at first was gradually growing into something real and meaningful? Mark also met a few new friends who were already experts in the field of rap and music-making. These people started teaching him how to turn his lyrics into proper songs. Mark gained a lot of hope and learned more than he ever knew before. They gave him the confidence that he was looking for.

Before this, the dream of becoming a rapper was just a dream. He used to write his own lyrics but before he met them, everyone had tried to tell him to keep music as a side hobby and pursue a technical career instead. Despite all this, he kept working hard and finally met the people who were ready to support him for his real dreams.

He began recording his first EP while working with his producer. They worked day and night to arrange the tracks and filter out the best ones. He began to share snippets of his tracks with his friends and followers on Instagram. He was very excited and he finally released his first EP titled “Real-Time Slick” on all platforms on March 16th, 2021. He describes it as a personal introduction for him and his music as well as his team. The passion with which he created and promoted his EP shows how enthusiastic he is for people to hear his stuff. He is confident in his work and after hearing the snippets and teasers he posts, one can easily say that with the right kind of promotion, Slicktalkin Mark can be one of the biggest names in rap in the future. His music is catchy, his lyrics and rhymes are phenomenal, and his vibe and determination are one of a kind.

Mark’s Instagram is @slicktalkinmark where he regularly updates about his activities and his music. He also provides links to his music and tags all his friends who help him follow his passion. He talks about his new music and posts bits and pieces to gain feedback. Mark loves to take well-intentioned constructive criticism. He is on the road to creating better music for his audience and is highly interactive and social. We wish him the best and look forward to his future endeavors.