Marcos Miranda (@revmarcosmiranda)

A whisper of comfort throughout a disaster is more valuable than an evening of applause after a win. If you believe that the world should warmly welcome the needy, you read about the perfect person. Marcos Miranda is the man who knows that no one is a minority. He knows that everyone has the right to everything. That’s why his life aims to cherish people and help them. Dr. Marcos A. Miranda, with 144k followers on Instagram spreading positivity all around the globe. His user id is @revmarcosmiranda. For spreading love in the modern era, he is now using Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more media accounts. He is a real friend and true motivator. Marcos Miranda believes that a smile of yours can change someone’s complicated life. If you want to make the world a better place, then become a part of Miranda’s community.

Marcos Miranda is the Director and Chairman of the New York State Chaplain Task Force. The chaplain task force is an ecumenical organization with over 4,000 disaster pastoral care workers. The Rev. Marcos A. Miranda is the elder Pastor of Action In Christ International Church. This church is located in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the Supervisor of over 200 cabinet members at Christian Clergy International. This is an organization that provides an enhancement platform for ecumenical Christian clerics. He always speaks for a minority of Christians. He controls the issues like harassment of Christians in abroad. He helps the other minority religious organizations in overseas nations. He helps the poor Christians forsake.

Rev. Miranda’s commitment to the benefit of humanity has inspired him. So, he starts and supports organizations that promote peace, harmony, and empathy. He was selected for clergy in New York City Ceasefire. The Rev. Dr. Marcos A. Miranda was among the first church officials. This program is aimed at decreasing terrorism. They engage immediately with gangsters, squads, and heroin groups via phone and tailored alerts. Rev. Miranda has lectured at St. John’s University. He is also a professor at Fordham University and The Harlem Museum. Many prestigious institutions are in his observation. His most recent book, Get Out of God’s Way, is published. He contributes pieces to the Looking for the Human Spirit Magazine every month. Rev. Miranda has got countless awards and bibliographies for his relief efforts. His rewards were the J. P. Morgan Chase Unsung Heroes Award and the Humanitarian Award from Concerned Women of Brooklyn. Some of his bibliographies are from the Brooklyn Borough President’s office.

Marcos A.Miranda is not just a public supporter. He is also a great son and a good soul. He has many responsibilities, but he knows that family always comes first. He never misses the chance of serving his parents. He posts about hanging out with family and friends on his Instagram account. He shares his routine things like watching movies, enjoying boxing, and eating. Most of the people in his followers love his content due to the versatile nature of his words and actions. Marcos knows that we should love those who love us. That’s why he always loves his supporters and followers.

A caregiver’s day is never dull, whether they’re involved in planning a lecture or motivational project. Every day comes with many new obstacles. Pastor is among the few jobs and works which gives the pleasure of helping in new methods. This inspiring type of person might feel a great sense of happiness. Marcos is also a book writer and reader. He loves to read books on nature, beauty, honesty, spirituality, love, and emotions. He hopes that youth will follow him for understanding aspects of life like love.