Marcos Miranda (@Revmarcosmiranda)

When illness, injury, and hopelessness come, we need an angel like Marcos Miranda. He has been serving as a Chaplain for many years now. He works on the spiritual care and strength of the people after facing any tragedy or battle. He is the man of hope for many groups of people. He has crossed 144k followers just on Instagram- with a user name of @revmarcosmiranda-, which shows his significance and publicity among the public. He shares quotes, ideas, and thoughts that can inspire people to do great things in life. People who suffer as a veteran call Marcos Miranda their Soul father. He supports them in terms of their feeling by doing the excellent service of Chaplain.

Marcos is not only a service line Chaplain doing public service; instead, he is a man of welfare and thinks about people of disadvantaged backgrounds. He is the co-founder of the Chaplain Task Force in the USA. After seeing the need to help people psychologically and spiritually in the age of distraction and psychological pressure, he took this direction of assisting people to recover. He plays a significant part in making people realize the beauty of life. He shares quotes and pictures whose meaning bring color and beauty to the dark atmosphere of people’s life. His dedication to promoting love, faith, and compassion in the lives of disenfranchised people put him on the way to bringing positivity in people’s lives. He explicitly targets people from minorities who face skirmish conditions of life. He strives to make them happy and let them grow in their life. If you want motivation in your life, do follow him.

He has played several professional roles in his life. He is a Chief of Operation for the NYPD 90th Precinct Clergy Council. Also, he serves as the certified Clinical Supervisor and member of both the Association of Professional Chaplains and The Spiritual Care Associations, and many more. His versatile background and personality involvement in many occasions prove clarity about his roles and background in society. His followers are increasing daily, and there is no way there will come a time of millions of followers. His personality and experience are a clear justification for this result.

He is bringing vision and light to the eyes of blind people. This is the main central part of Marcus’ life. He has a doctoral degree from Hebrew Union College. He has been awarded several awards for his efforts in humanitarian crises. His primary motive in life is to bring smiles to the sad faces of disenfranchised people. Due to life circumstances, drowning people can find Marcus as a great resource of hope and result in their lives. His public profile on Instagram says many things to the public. Bringing people on the verge of improvement and inspiration is his goal. He posts pictures of boxing athletes and encourages people to get entertained and learn lessons about life. He gives people the spirit of a boxer who faces hard punches and jabs of the opponent but still stands and fights until he owns a victory at the last stage.

Marcos tries to teach people the concept of standing and fighting with life’s challenges. Standing in bravery against life will lead to huge rewards and amusement in life. Similarly, he promotes people doing great works like nursing and other professional hospitality work for the society. He celebrates their day. Also, for people who committed suicide in their life, he calls a day for their memoirs. He considers their life as an essential wheel of society. He encourages people to live peacefully and lovingly with each other to succeed and have victory over themselves in life. He posts the ‘Eid Mubarak’ festival, considered the day of joy and celebration for Muslims. His basic support theme lies in promoting love and compassion among humanity despite feeling their color, language, race, and background. He is the man of hope in the face of society after the enormous impacts of globalization, social media, and other challenges.