Marcos Favela

Marcos Favela

Acting is an art that needs precision and perfection. Not everyone is not cut out to make a unique name for themselves in the acting industry. Marcos Favela was born with an innate inkling towards actings and carrying a certain passion for the art. He has worked hard from a very young age to fully understand the art of acting to appreciate it and then implement it.

Since childhood, Marcos knew that he has a flair for acting and worked extremely hard to pursue his dreams. He started experimenting and picking up tips from the movies he would repeatedly watch to master the art of expressing himself immaculately. So strong was his passion that he was already acting in plays and dramas in elementary school. When he came to high school, he decided to opt for some professional training and realized this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

After that, Marcos worked hard to be the best actor in his school until he got the opportunity to go to Modesto Junior College to study under Mr Lynch, who also taught the legendary Jeremy Renner. At the mere age of 19. Marcos spread his wings and left his hometown Modesto to take his acting career seriously. He decided to make his portfolio, and in order to do that, he started taking acting jobs in short films. His acting range has always been diverse that puts him at an advantage. He can act well in comedy, horror, action, and romantic movies.

After 5 years of struggling on his own, he got a call from his manager Kerry Jones, who hunted him down and was genuinely impressed by Marcos acting skills. He immediately invited Marcos to sign a contract with the agency and ever since then, his life has turned around. On his first day only, he was sent to a Disney Audition. And later he auditioned for NCIS too and got selected then and there. Marcos talents were instantly recognized by the casting agencies and one after the other, he was getting the roles he was opting for. This whole experience has been extremely encouraging for him to realize that he does have what it takes to be successful in the acting industry.

When seeking out his dreams, Marcos had to leave his family behind in his hometown and move to Los Angeles, the city of opportunities. He understands that in order to achieve his dreams, he must put himself into action and achieve what he has set out to do. It is not easy to keep your hope ignited while struggling to be an artist, especially when there are new budding artists coming in every day. But Marcos kept his hopes alive and kept pushing himself to snatch the opportunities and deliver to the best of his ability.

Marcos has a huge fervour for acting. To him, acting is like a medium that helps him to connect with people and make them feel like they have transcended into a situation physically that they are seeing on their screens. As an aspiring artist, Marcos keeps his hopes high and completely understands that he has a long way to go before landing himself with a role that will satisfy the artist within him. He is learning to be patient with life because after coming so far when he looks back, he understands in retrospect that he wasn’t fully ready to be on TV when he was merely 19. There is so much learn and so many people to learn from, and Marcos is excited to be on a journey where he will get to do all that and gain monumental experience.

Being an artist is not easy. There’s always so much to learn, so much competition to beat, and it is always so hard to make a distinctive name for yourself. But the first to overcome all of that is to believe in your dreams. Marcon believes in himself, in his talent, and in his dreams. He is ready to take this journey steadily and do it the right way. If anyone wants to look him up, his Instagram is “@goodfellafavela”.