Marc Odley (@loveespressouk)

Marc Odley (@loveespressouk)

Marc Odley is a coffee-lover who has taken his passion for coffee to the next level by curating some of the best coffee shops and coffee products on his social media. His love for coffee can be seen through his thoughtful and well-curated posts on social media. His social media is a coffee lover’s haven. And whether you get to try out all the amazing coffee places he shares or not, you will surely enjoy looking at the aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Marc can be found on Instagram as @loveespressouk. His username reflects his love for coffee and the theme of his account. He has currently amassed over 70 thousand followers on Instagram and this number is growing. His bio says “Join me, Marc Odley, as I discover the world’s best coffee.” This shows that through his work, he aims to take his followers on a journey that explores the best coffee available in the UK. His account is not just a great avenue for coffee lovers but also for those who are new to the world of coffee and want to discover some great new spots.

Marc posts frequently and has almost 4000 posts on his Instagram. There is a lot of variety in his posts. Some of them are pictures of coffee shops from afar, while others are pictures of beautifully prepared cups of coffee and delicious coffee beans. Two of his recent pictures show two different yet amazing outdoor spaces for coffee. Through his posts, Marc shows that great coffee can be present in different spaces. It is important to explore and try out new things.

He often posts interiors of coffee shops too. He recently shared with his followers that he likes moody coffee shop interiors. Moody interiors lend a sense of mystery and fun to a coffee shop. They take your coffee drinking experience to the next level. It is very easy to see why Marc enjoys moody coffee shops. However, not all of the coffee stores he shares have moody interiors, some of them are well-lit and have a sunny and cheerful interior. This shows that coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes, there is something out there for everyone!

While Marc often posts pictures of fancy coffee shops, he makes sure he does not overlook some smaller and less fancy gems. He often shares pictures of overlooked gems. This includes a coffee shop run out of a truck and another one run out of an old car. His pictures show how people can overcome hurdles and creatively pursue their passion for selling coffee. His content provides something for every type of coffee lover.

While his specialty seems to be sharing amazing interiors, he often shares some closeups shots too! This ranges from closeups of deliciously brewed cups of coffee to coffee beans and fancy coffee machines. In a recent post, Marc shared a great coffee machine set up and captioned it “Home barista goals”. His captioned echoed the sentiments of every coffee lover who wishes to enjoy cafe-level coffee from the comfort of their home! He has also shared pictures of desserts that have been made using coffee or are coffee-flavored. A recent picture he shared shows some delicious coffee ice cream with a decadent coffee sauce. Sometimes he shares a picture of a simple yet classic cup of coffee. This serves as a great reminder that no matter how fancy a store, a good cup of coffee can be enjoyed everywhere! He also puts out reviews of new coffee beans and coffee products in his Instagram stories so his followers can try them.

Marc is making a name for himself in the world of coffee by putting out beautiful and well-curated content. The pictures he shares are amazing and aesthetically pleasing. They are a treat not just for coffee lovers, but for everyone! He shares many different types of pictures which ensures that there is something for everyone. Marc and his Instagram page will surely continue to grow.