Mamadou Ndiaye

Mamadou Ndiaye

Mamadou Ndiaye or more popularly known by his on-stage persona“Ghost Billy” is a promising young talent that is taking the music industry by storm. Ndiaye describes his childhood to have been surrounded by music. He recounts music as being one of the most important parts of his life growing up. While facing the darkest periods of his life art and music is what kept Ndiaye going. Ndiaye decided early on that he wanted to have an impact on other people’s life similar to what his musical idols had on him. This is how the story of Ghost Billy began.

The dynamic and enigmatic ghost billy is referred to by many as a superstar in the making.

The rap game has never been as competitive before as it is today. It becomes very easy to get lost in the shuffle due to the oversaturation of rappers that are looking to make it big on the internet. But for people as talented and motivated as Ndiaye, it isn’t difficult to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Ndiaye thrives in situations that would sweep an ordinary person off their feet but Mamadou Ndiaye is no ordinary man. Ndiaye has an amazing talent which allows him to paint a picture with his words. His ability to articulate his thoughts and views into a three-minute song is truly extraordinary. Ghost Billy continues to push the boundaries of his creative ability to make so many different elements work together in a single coherent piece of music is undoubtedly impressive.

This exceptional artist’s astounding talents have allowed him to garner a fairly large following, both online and offline. Ndiaye has managed to build a faithful following of more than twelve thousand fans on Instagram. Other than this the future superstar has accumulated more than fifty-six thousand views on his youtube channel overall in just a little over a year. With his music streaming on all major platforms now you can only expect these numbers to grow.

Ndiaye would have never been able to accomplish all that he has without some help from his biggest supporters. He credits a huge part of his success to his friends and family that have stood by him through thick and thin. In order to achieve something in this dog-eat-dog world, you need to have incredibly thick skin. It’s very difficult to survive in the ever so harsh music industry without a proper support system to have your back. If it’s one thing Ndiaye has learned from his surroundings is that no matter how bad life gets you should never give up on yourself. Ndiaye’s ability to make light of bad situations is what defines his career as Ghost Billy. Mamadou is a firm believer in making the best of any situation this attitude gives him a much-needed edge over a lot of his peers.

Ndiaye refuses to diminish his music to only a means of making money. He makes music because of his passion for art. Ndiaye believes that music is a very powerful medium of expression, it can be used to change lives, which is where he derives his passion for music. To Mamadou, No sum of money can equate to the feeling of fulfilment that comes from making a powerful and meaningful song. This passion for music sets Ghost Billy apart from the rest of the crowd. You can hear his passion and emotion for music translate into his songs.

If there’s one thing that we can take away from Mamadou Ndiaye’s journey as Ghost Billy, it’s the fact that talent and hard work always pays off. Very few people can turn their dreams into reality.

The climb to the top of the hill may be a long and difficult one but If you have the heart and desire to make your dreams come true nothing is impossible. You can keep up with Ghost Billy’s amazing journey by following his Instagram @ghostpeso. You can also check out his youtube under the name “Ghost Billy”.