MAKS MRZV (@maks.mrzv)

MAKS MRZV (@maks.mrzv)

Creativity, magic, realism, these are all the words that describe the work of Maks MRZV. Ever since a little boy, Maks was always involved in art one way or another, be it by using actual colors and paints or just rearranging the cereal particles in an irregular pattern to form beautiful pieces of art. As time went by, Maks saw the beautiful work done on people’s arms, legs, etc., and was fascinated by how much people trust others to draw on them. It is one thing to trust someone to make them a portrait on a wooden canvas and frame it and it is a whole new level when people trust another to actually put ink on their skin and keep it there for an eternity. This led Maks to follow certain tattoo artists’ careers and see what it is like to live as a tattoo creator. Intrigued by them, Maks then started learning the art of- well art.

Born in the busy state of New York, Maks had a dream of bringing creativity to the lengths of the world. Inspired by various tattoo artists, he wanted to be trusted by people to mark them with beauty and allure. With a lot of will and effort, Maks got to be a part of one of the biggest tattoo parlors called Bang Bang NYC. Band Bang NYC has one of the greatest spaces with every corner allocated to each artist individually. The artists are made feel comfortable and the clients even more. Bang Bang NYC is well known and is no stranger to a few of the most famous celebrities in the United States to the likes of Rhianna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, etc. Maks is a proud tattoo artist who got to work on various celebrities who trusted him with their skin. These celebrities were shown to be showcasing his work on the red carpet, concert stages, magazine covers, etc.  

Apart from his successful tattoo career, Maks is an animal lover. He is great with animals, especially dogs, and owns one with his partner, Inga Popkova. Besides that, Maks loves working out and tries to give a certain amount of time to this physical well-being. He believes in order to keep his focus on his tricky job, he needs his physical health to be in tip-top condition, hence he goes to the gym and feels pumped and at ease after the sessions.

Maks’ Instagram feed is filled with amazing transition videos. In his spare time, he likes to collect shots from different aspects going on in his life and amalgamate them in one amazing transitional video. They range from his friends having a bite to eat to him showing off his look to his peers at their work giving tattoos to customers and the list goes on and on. His work was supposed to be an amateur-like work because that is not his field, but he is gifted in that aspect. His transitional work is so professional that no one can tell if it is done by an amateur or a professional.

In times when Maks likes to relax, he goes on cruises with his family and friends. He loves how the sun hits the rays on the fast waves of the ocean and how the wind feels against his skin on a cool day. It is perfectly matched with his love of traveling as he likes to appreciate the natural wonders of the world. His trip to the Yosemite Valley was fun and peaceful which motivates him, even more, to spend time on things that help him feel relaxed.